Character Before Competence

At Silver Oaks we build values along with imparting knowledge

Silver Oaks International school student in class

A 23 Year Saga

5 Campuses

1 Legacy

Silver Oaks is a continuously growing ecosystem of learning and development. Our inside-out approach to learning builds knowledge and new-age skills whilst building the core of each child. For 20+ years, we have been nurturing both character and competence with our innovative pedagogy and research-led, indigenous curriculum. We are grooming lifelong learners, passionate innovators, and responsible global citizens.

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School’s Vision

Is to groom young people,
who will            

Live for a purpose

Learn to apply

Lead with determination and

Leave a timeless legacy


To integrate into teaching and learning, the goals for conservation and social justice; To develop civic virtues and emotional skills that can empower our acorns to be icons of personal and social change who will play leading roles in the transition to a sustainable future.

How We Organise Ourselves


Grade PP1 - Grade 6

  • IB Primary Years Programme
    *Oakdale campus is an IB Candidate School

Grade 7 - Grade 10

  • CBSE
  • IB – Middle Years Programme*
    *Will be available at Bowrampet, Hyd Campus

Grade 11 - 12

  • CBSE
  • IB – Diploma Programme*
    *Will be available at Bowrampet, Hyd Campus

Where we are in Place and Time

5 Schools

2 States

1 Connected Community

Silver Oaks thrives in 2 states with 1 driving philosophy

‘Character before Competence’

Bachupally, Hyderabad - 2002

Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam - 2017

Oakdale, Hyderabad - 2021

Bowrampet, Hyderabad - 2023

Kommadi, Visakhapatnam - 2024

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Bachupally, Hyderabad 500090


Grades: PP1 to Grade 12

Silver Oaks Intl School Oakdale campus



Wadakpally, Hyderabad 502319

IB-PYP Candidate School & CBSE

Grades: PP1 to Grade 10

Silver Oaks Intl School Oakdale campus



Bowrampet, Hyderabad 500043

PYP Candidate School, Aspiring IB-MYP & DP

Grades: PP1 to Grade 06

Silver Oaks International School Visakhapatnam



Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam 530045


Grades: PP1 to Grade 10

Silver Oaks International School Visakhapatnam



Kommadi, Visakhapatnam 530048

Aspiring IB - PYP & CBSE

Grades: PP1 to Grade 6

Who we Are

Dhanunjaya V

Managing Director

Dr. Seetha Murty

Director Education


Sharing the Planet

Me & My Country We Grow Together
Coins for the Country

Acorns of Silver Oaks are groomed with responsibility towards nation building. Save and earn ‘Coins for the Country’ is an annual initiative to raise funds for the education of less privileged.

1.4 Crores have been raised by all Silver Oaks Schools until 2018. 

Beautiful Tree

It is a term used by Mahatma for Educating the children of the villages to sustain the socio-economic fabric of the villages. Silver oaks uses the same ideology to train the teachers of the schools run by RDF and Prajwala. Nearly 600 teachers got trained in the last 10 years of this campaign.

Street Store

Since 2015. school has been organising street store where excess things at home are spared for those who need them. 

Linkoping University

Since 2015, teacher trainees from Linkoping University have been interning at Silver Oaks. They spend 4 to 9 weeks in the classrooms working and being mentored with the teachers of Silver Oaks.

The National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS)

The NIAS gifted children’s programme, supported by the Principal Scientific Advisor’s Office to the Government of India, is the first collaborative attempt in India to draw together a research base to address the issue of equitable educational opportunities for the gifted and develop talent through appropriate nurturance. The project was developed through a series of consultation meetings starting in Jan’10 with Indian National Science Academy’s (INSA) INDO-US Forum.

Silver Oaks International School CSR

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Choosing the right school is one of the most important decisions that you as a parent can take in your child’s life. From the first step into school to graduating with confidence and competence of an intellectually stimulating career – Silver Oaks can make all the difference.

What Our Parents Say


An abode of learning; instilling lots of values in students, love their motto ‘character first competence next’; falls in its place, very happy that my child is associated with silver oaks, kudos to Mrs Seetha and her team👍 to support young children with value based education

– Umabala K


Our search for “The Best” school ended here at Silver Oaks School.
Can you think of a school where you are 100% satisfied, be it safety, be it physical activities or academics.
I highly recommend this school. I am impressed by looking at my child, how every day she is becoming a better student, sportsperson, dancer and a team player.

– K Mehta