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About School

Why should I select SILVER OAKS for my child?
  • Silver Oaks main focus is on ‘how to learn’ than ‘what to learn’.
  • Highly motivated and trained teachers.
  • The IB-PYP curriculum equips students with the tools needed to succeed in higher education, such as self-confidence, preparedness, research skills, organizational skills and being actively engaged in self learning.


Which board are you affiliated to ?
Bachupally, Hyd
Bowrampet, Hyd Aspiring Aspiring Aspiring
Oakdale, Hyd Candidate School
Rushikonda, VSKP


Do you have R&D Division?
Yes. click here to visit Silver Oaks Research Center for Cognitive Learning
How many students per classroom?
25 Students per classroom
Can Silver oaks students perform on par with CBSE or ICSE students?

Even though we believe in a character first and competence next approach, we prepare our students to be life long learners whose quest is to gain and apply academic and practical knowledge. Our teachers integrate the textbooks into everyday life with our ISAP and Big History Project modules to ensure a more comprehensive approach that enable our students to perform excellently in CBSE, along with an unparalleled performance in ASSET, Olympiads, NIAS, etc.

Can students from silver oaks IB-PYP programme join CBSE schools if they transfer to places/locations where IB programme is not available?

Yes. We have done extensive research and created a program which produces above and far better results/outcomes expected of NCF (National Curriculum Framework) and/or CBSE.

How frequently are PTM (parent teacher meet) held?

PTM / SLC (Student Led Conference) are held for every 50 working days (approx. 2 months). Dates will be communicated at the start of academic session.

What is Mindspark ?

Mindspark is a computer based program that revolutionizes the study of Mathematics. It focuses on self-learning with a curriculum integrated database. An interactive product, from the makers of ASSET, Mindspark has been derived from the belief of personalized learning. It is specially designed to assist the user to learn at his or her pace.


Students learn best at their own pace. Mindspark enables children to learn and understand at their own pace, without rushing them through the syllabus. With an active and detailed database, Mindspark monitors the level of understanding in each concept and patiently helps the students when they are in doubt by resolving errors and misconceptions through explanations.

For example, if a student from the 8th grade does not have clarity on the core concepts of Algebra, the system automatically offers inputs in the form of questions that will help build the fundamentals of Equivalence (which is a critical point into understanding Algebra).


Currently more than 100+ schools spread across India have integrated Mindspark along with their Maths curriculum teaching.

for more info on Mindspark, click here.

What competitive academic tests do the students take part in?
  • Asset (Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing)
  • National Olympiad
  • NSF Spell Bee
What is Asset?

ASSET is the scientifically designed diagnostic test, which stands for Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing.

Through multiple choice questions, ASSET focuses on determining the level of conceptual understanding in students and not how much they have memorized. The test generates detailed reports for students indicative of their progress and topics that require attention and improvement. The teachers receive a special report which indicates the class performance as compared to the other divisions as well as other schools on a national level. The reports are accompanied by an instructional supplement suggesting the future course of action for both students as well as teachers.

Every year more than 350,000 students from over 1000 schools in India, Gulf and Singapore take the ASSET test.

Sport & Games

How frequently do the students have outdoor activities in a week?
  • Grade 1 – Grade 6 – Five classes per week.
  • Grade 7 – Grade 10 – Four classes per week.
Does the school participate in inter school sports events?


When are the students who are members of sports team coached?

After school, (3:30PM to 5:00PM)

Are there any additional charges for after school coaching ?

Yes, Please check with the respective campus admissions dept.


Our Busses are equipped with

  • GPS Trackers
  • RFID based attendance systems
  • Speed Governor
  • CCTV
  • Female Attendant
  • Teacher Supervision
Is there supervision in the bus?

Every bus has student elected pilot and co-pilot who help the students. School teachers also travel by school bus.

Can i opt for only pick up or drop facility ?

Yes. Please note the fee remains same as two way transport.

We are planning on moving house, can i change the bus route?

Yes, you may request the transport dept for a change. However it depends on the bus vacancy in that particular route.

Safety, Security & Health

Do you have CCTV surveillance system?

Yes, all our campuses are equipped with IP Cameras and NVR.

What are the safety measures implemented by school?

Before employment

  1. A preliminary reference check from previous employers is done before employing the drivers, cleaners, ayahs, teachers, coaches and administrative staff. We look at the longevity of tenures in the previous organizations and speak to people who worked with them.
  2. In some cases like drivers and sub staff, we have sent our core team to see the houses and meet family and neighbours.
  3. Outsourced agencies
    1. Security – all males from a long standing security agency
    2. Housekeeping – all  female staff
    3. Catering – The two male catering assistants who come are issued with an ID card from the contractor to enter into the premises.

After recruitment

  1. We spend extensive time in training and orienting the staff on safety, security, school culture and their responsibilities.
  2. All staff is sensitized to the responsibility of taking personal care of children, particularly when they go to toilets or outdoor activities. We insist on ensuring that all go in groups.
  3. CCTV in all areas of the school helps in keeping constant vigil.
  4. Constant monitoring and random checks on different areas in school are physically done.
  5. There are frequent discussion among staff on where and how things can go wrong and who can be threats to children’s safety. This increases the awareness.
What happens if parents enter the school during school hours?

All parents and relatives entering the school during normal hours of operation are required to sign the visitors’ book at the security cabin, and parents have to use the parent ID cards issued by school and relatives must collect a visitor’s ID card. Parents are allowed to move around the campus only if escorted by school staff. ID cards must be displayed on person at all times.

Why is play equipment 'out-of -bounds' before and after school?

Staff supervision is only provided during normal school hours.

Are in-school health services provided ?

Our school nurse, deals with routine matters and special referrals. Health checks are followed up and parents are advised of any concerns.

What happens if my child is sick at school?

Parents are encouraged to keep sick children at home. Minor injuries are treated at school but parents will be contacted when the injury or illness requires further attention.

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