Rachna Sharma

As an Indian Air force Officer’s Wife, Rachna Sharma traveled the length and breadth of the country and accumulated a vast treasure of cultural and social wealth. With rich experience of having worked with schools across the country, she joined Silver Oaks Hyderabad in 2007. With work experience in CBSE Schools, she began to add the IB PYP experience too, as Silver Oaks Hyderabad was in the transformative journey from CBSE to IBPYP School from 2007. She has been a key player in implementing the IBPYP from Pre-Primary to Grade VI and co-creating the IB Program of Inquiry in alignment with National Curriculum framework of India.

She has been instrumental in developing India’s 1st Summer Program for Gifted Children in association with National Institute of Advanced Studies. She developed many multidisciplinary models of learning for gifted children which were later used in the mainstream classrooms too.

She has developed many after school programs for gifted children. Recognizing her strengths as a teacher leader, researcher and curriculum designer, she was promoted as the Head of Senior and Senior Secondary Wing in 2011 and as Vice Principal of the School in 2015.

Her keen interest in Science education of middle school children and the work in developing a vertically and horizontally aligned science courses in Chemistry, Physics and Biology made her co-author the books published in 2019 for Grades 7 and 8. She earned a special appreciation for her presentation at National Science Congress.

As a constant learner, she has been upgrading her knowledge and skills through various courses from Harvard University, University of Berkeley, IBO, IGNOU, CBSE, COURSERA and Edutech.

As an avid reader, she brings multiple perspectives from the books she reads and creates a robust environment for students and teachers to thrive.

Leading the learning of 700 children during her stint as Head of Junior Wing and another 950 as the Head of the Senior School and the learning of  3000 students as the Vice Principal of the School, Rachna Sharma brings a dynamic work experience to lead the new campus of Silver Oaks.

Ms Sharma is equipped with a Master’s in Education, MBA in Education Management and over 20 years of teaching experience, she recognises that the challenge is not just teaching but greater opportunities lie in teaching in a way that the students learn, remember and can apply.