Age Criteria


Why do you have Age Criteria ?

Dear Parents,
In most of the countries, children join formal school (Grade 1) at the age of 6.
NEP2020 says that Age 6 is the right physical and mental age for children to join Grade 1.
Currently, in India, some states start at 6 and some start at 5 years and six months as of 1st June of the joining year.

Our strong recommendation

At Silver Oaks, until now, the age criteria has been 5 years and 6 months or above for Grade 1 (as on 1st June of the joining year).

Large number of children from across the country and outside, are joining Grade 1 only when they are 6 years old.

However, we are looking at the future implications of this. Many entrance exams within and outside the country considers 18 years of age while submitting the online applications for universities.

Considering the present and future implications, and in the interest of the child, we are looking at taking children who are close to 6 years of age for Grade 1.

Although there is no direct notification from either the State or Centre, we consider it our responsibility to advise parents that children should be well above 5 years and 6 months for Grade 1 and not a day before.
Parents may quote from different sources and try to impress upon us to take children who are below the age we recommend. But the point to be considered is why children should be pitched amongst a peer group which is older than them! It is a disadvantage and never an advantage to join a child at an underage.

Warm Wishes
Seetha Murty
Director Education


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30 June ‘24

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