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Rachna Sharma
Vice Principal
Silver Oaks International School


When you do what you love and love what you do, life becomes meaningful. This is what Ms Rachna Sharma the Vice Principal believes in. Having spent two decades in the field of teaching and working at a number of schools across the country Ms Rachna Sharma has a deep understanding of the Indian education system and its interpretation in different schools.


She joined Silver Oaks Hyderabad in 2007 as the Head of Junior Wing. Three years later she took charge of the senior segment of the school as the Head and has been the Vice Principal since 2015.


She works with an inherent passion for teaching, learning and creating an environment where the teachers and the learners can cohesively strive towards higher pursuits of knowledge and understanding. She strives for her mission of igniting young minds to become inquisitive learners and kindle an insatiable desire in them to understand concepts for subsequent application.


She works passionately to ensure social, emotional and academic well-being of all the learners while synergizing with the parents and her colleagues. She recognizes that the challenge is not just teaching but teaching in a way that the students learn, remember and can apply, and as Vice Principal works to motivate her team to meet this challenge.


She has Masters in Education along with a Masters in Education Management. Moreover, she also is constantly enriched through regular training with the IBO workshops for Primary Years Program. She is committed to expanding her horizons and her participation in courses from Harvard and an educators workshop at the University of California, Berkley, have helped her in doing so.


As a trained career counselor she plays an important role in helping the students of senior secondary school in identifying and preparing them for pursuing their goals.


She comes from an armed forces family, where, besides being a mother of two and a teacher; she has actively contributed towards welfare of the families of personnel in the Air Force.