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Professional Development at Silver Oaks

Silver Oaks believes in an inside out approach of working on competence through character. Character first, Competence next. The school aspires to develop a learner profile with many attributes, attitudes and skill The learner profile is meant for both students and teachers.

Competence develops through cognitive learning.It develops through relevant, engaging, significant and challenging program of learning.

To realize such high aspirations of the school, there is a highly trained and experienced team of teacher trainers who are constantly working on training, developing curriculum and instructional design.

In Hyderabad, Bangalore and Visakhapatnam, this team will be training the teachers continuously and lending support in day to day challenges.


The 10 tenets of teacher training in Silver Oaks

  1.  Whatever may be the experience and qualification, the teachers have to attend professional development programmes within and outside the school.
  2. Two Saturdays in a month are dedicated for teacher training.
  3. The ongoing training should address assessment of teachers, feedback and feed forward.
  4. Once in every semester, teachers should be assessed through written process.
  5. No teacher will be given individual charge of a class without training.
  6. Class demos and observations will be a part of teacher training.
  7. Even after training, new teachers should be mentored regularly mentored by Heads or experienced teachers during the academic year.
  8. Whenever feasible, teachers will be sent to professional development programmes outside the school.
  9. Teachers portfolio will be the evidence of teacher training.
  10. Trust will be the base of all teacher training programmes.


Approaches to Teacher Training in Silver Oaks Visakhapatnam                           

The pioneering team of Silver Oaks Visakhapatnam will comprise of

  • The Principal      
  • Two IB trained teachers from Silver Oaks Hyderabad moved to Silver Oaks Vizag
  • Teachers from Vizag who are recruited based on their experience, qualification, profile, communication skills and readiness to learn.
  • As of 08Nov18, Silver Oaks Vizag has 28 IB trained and certified teaching team 


Everyday Mentors :

  • Principal: Sunita Yernagula
  • The two IB trained and experienced teachers from Hyderabad who are familiar with school programmes: Prasanna & Kousalya                 


Every month Mentors

  • Director Education and the leadership team from Hyderabad


Profile of the Trainers


Seetha Murty                                   Sunitha Yernagula                    Rachna Sharma                           Sangeeta Pratti                       Sridevi Kollimarla                         Ratna Srinivas  
MA M Ed                                             MA B Ed                                          Vice Principal                                BA B Ed                                        Bsc B Ed                                               Bsc B Ed   
Director Education                      Principal                                         Silver Oaks Hyderabad                                 more…                                                        more…                                 more…
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