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“I think Silver Oaks helped me see the joy of learning, and turned me from a person that really didn’t like going to school, to someone that looks forward to it.

– Soham Lohakarey

MY JOURNEY IN SILVER OAKS   My journey in silver oaks began 5 years ago as a 4th-grade acorn. These 5 years in silver oaks have brought in so many changes and helped me grow. Now, the school is a part of me. The wonderful environment and inspired ecosystem is what makes me enthusiastic to come to school every day. As I sit down to write my experiences, I wonder where to begin. Should I start with the first day of school or should I just skip to the best times I’ve had here. I grew with the school and that’s not a chance everyone can get. I’m lucky to have had the best of teachers and principal. I was given many opportunities in literary fests, sports competitions, and dance and music competitions, MUN’s and inter-school fests. They helped me grow and explore something that I had never experienced before. All these experiences have made me very confident and communicative. I strongly believe that confidence is what can lead you forward and let you achieve a lot! Over the years, my interests have varied in different fields from sports to academics to my extra-curricular activities. I have been able to balance without ever getting stressed I have become outgoing and confident today; I can stand on stage and not shiver. I can speak up and voice my opinion without fear. I can dance like nobody is watching and I strongly believe that it’s the magic that lies in the environment around me which has shaped me into this person. Sports days have taught me what team spirit is. The annual opera days have taught me the importance of coordination, planning and togetherness. Mantras of Mahatma which is an integral part of silver oaks is the focal point of my life. I am what I am today because of the school, its mission and vision to groom young people, to build character first and competence next. My teachers and my friends are a part of me and my everyday life. The best part of silver oaks is that every acorn is given a chance to express his/her opinion, belief and ideas.

– Dhwani Mothay

My Experience at Silver Oaks My experience at Silver Oaks International School has been one of the greatest journeys of my life. It has not even been a complete year and I already feel like family. At Silver Oaks, we look at character before competence. We try and make ourselves better before trying to tell others that that are not good enough. We are international-minded not just for the title, but in the way we think and the way we act. As an IB school, each and every one of us have the learner profiles embedded within us and almost come naturally. We are principled; we know what to do when and can differentiate between the right and wrong choices. We are good communicators and are able to talk about what we appreciate and what we don’t. We are balanced and we explore new opportunities to help us become better citizens, we are caring, we help each other and support each other. At Silver Oaks, we follow Gandhi’s principles, read them, analyze them and implement them in our everyday lives. That is what makes us so powerful and proud acorns of Silver Oaks.

– Kritvi Kapoor

Silver Oaks International School Bangalore is on its 5th year and is continuing is journey ahead. In an entire country of schools in which students are taught that marks are what matter, in a world where students only develop knowledge, Silver Oaks School’s philosophy teaches us “Character before Competence.” My favorite part about this school is the fact that we are taught how to be better people before intelligent or talented people. My teachers have helped me understand that my personality and attitude towards others is what will make me shine in this world before my knowledge and talent. This is exactly why I have come to believe that self-discipline is essential. Therefore, honesty and respect are one of my greatest priorities. At school, learning is not confined between 4 walls. We are free to learn anywhere, applying the various things we learn through different activities. Some even include our own shops in which we sold handmade items and donated the money to orphanages. Apart from learning the concepts, these types of services have also helped me understand the important of giving to the society. I realized that I must be grateful and content with what I have. Many a times, we also have guest speakers come and teach us a concept that they have expertise in which allows us to understand it from a different perspective. The student centric classroom rather than a teacher centric classroom where even students teach and where learning is more of a discussion helps break the monotony of a normal classroom. What I love about the school most is that every student is regarded equal, that everyone is made to feel like a part of the Silver Oaks community, that no one is left behind, and that everyone’s opinions and ideas are considered. Silver Oaks has not only made me a responsible reader, a knowledgeable student and a confident speaker, but has made me a better person as a whole.

– Sneha Vinoth Kumar