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Jyothirmayi Mukthineni
8 November 2017

I have been to one of the sessions of Big History Project. It was good to see the brilliance of students in demonstrating through narration and enactment. Congratulations to silver oaks on presenting a platform to the students to showcase their talent.


Poorna SJ Kraleti
15 August 2017

School with a difference… Encourages n nurtures the children in all aspects… Musical assembly is one of a kind…. The reading culture, sports, arts…. In all ways a school with futuristic vision.


Mohammed Siraj
27 July 2017

It is the first school with a difference in Vizag. It shows all what they speak about through action. Happy students, happy staff and of course happy parents


Karunya Epari
26 July 2017

Smart school for smart city, Vizag…Excellent place of all-round development for children.


Parent’s Name – Bindiya Lokesh


Dear Ms.Rachana and Ms.Jaya,
The SLC was an amazing experience for us.It was fun filled and well organised. I would like to appreciate all the children and you teachers for your full steam effort. 
The whole presentation was commendable and we had a great time throughout the event. 
Thank you for giving us an opportunity to know how exactly the learning process happens in the classroom. I am proud that my child Rishikesh is a part of this admirable learning process. 


Father’s Name – Dinesh B.N

Mother’s Name – Sandhya Dinesh

Ganya Dinesh – Grade 5 & Jashan Dinesh – PP2

After  visiting many schools , I knew immediately that Silver Oaks was the right choice for our kids Jashan (PP2) & Ganya(Grade V), as it had everything . We were looking for small class sizes,  great campus amazing teachers , caring community and a dynamic and international curriculum. 



Father’s Name-Subramaniam V

Mother’s Name-Chitra

Shankar N Subramaniam-Grade 4

Well balanced curriculum and teaching.


Father’s Name-Srinivasa Moorthy

Mother’s Name-Valarmathi

Daniel Joshua-PP2

After narrowing down on IB curriculum I wanted my son to study,  I found Silver Oaks philosophy among the best and at very affordable cost. I appreciate the management for selecting excellent teacher’s . My son loves his school and call it the most awesome school in the world .Well done and keep it up.


Father’s Name-Ravi Manoj

Mother’s Name-Ankita Choudhary

Shreyansh Ravi-PP2

Our experience with the school has been wonderful so far.  It is truly a place of learning where we can trust the best for the child.



Father’s Name-Madhava Varma D

Mother’s Name-Janaki D

Saurya Varma-Grade 2

We are very happy with the discipline and structure of the school facilities and education.  My son is really getting shaped up well . We are grateful to the excellent staff.



Father’s Name-Sudeep Bhandari

Mother’s Name-Monika Bhandari

Paluck Bhandari-Grade 2

We are pretty happy with the overall development. Her bonding with teachers and peers are going good and is reflecting.



 Father’s Name-Safeer Ahamed

Mother’s Name-Afra Safeer

Eman Aisha Safeer-PP1

Eman is well taken care of. The pace in which the social skills and other activities are trained is good. The feed backs are given on time. Very happy with the teachers and school. I see my child very much attached to the teachers. 



Father’s Name-W K Vishram Kelkar

Mother’s Name- K N Saritha

Anvit Kelkar-Grade6

I ‘m extremely happy with the overall development that the school provides. It is very important that we make a responsible citizen that is what the school is up to.


For any queries please contact us.

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