Professional Development

Personality Development

School believes in an Inside out approach , Character first and Competence next. Whether teachers or learners, school creates an environment where people find harmony with themselves and confidence in their endeavours.
Workshops and regular sessions help the teachers reinvent themselves.

Professional learning communities

Silver Oaks believes in personal and professional development as capacity building in teachers. To create an eco system of learning, teachers need a paradigm shift in approach. While formal teaching qualifications equip teachers with certain pedagogical aspects, the school trains the teachers extensively on the science of learning.
Silver Oaks Hyderabad has a vibrant professional community . IBO workshops in Making PYP Happen, Teaching And Learning, Role Of Science In PYP, Role Of Social And Science In PYP, Written Curriculum, Pedagogical Leadership, Reading And Writing, Early Years Learning, Math In PYP, Transdisciplinary Teaching, Collaborative Planning, Inquiry Based Learning, Sustainability as International mindedness created Commendable Capacities In Teachers.
To keep the momentum in training and development, the school creates weekly and monthly schedules for teacher training in classroom management, content development, teaching and learning strategies.
The school supported 25 teachers to do a course with Wide World, The school of education at Harvard University. Project Zero of Harvard University developed special courses for educators across the globe.
Teachers got trained into Leading for Understanding, Teaching for Understanding, Making Thinking Visible, Differentiated Instruction and Technology in teaching .
A pedagogical leadership team evolved within the school who act as trainers, mentors and guides across the school.
Capacity building in teachers helped them create a progressive and stimulating learning environment.
Workshops in emotional intelligence, 7 Habits of Highly effective people, 8th Habit, Trust, team work, organizational behavior, vision building and integrity helped the teachers to reinvent themselves.
The teaching community at Silver Oaks can best be described as a community of people, who learn and laugh together, share and care for all, collaborate and create the learning environment.
With the conviction that capacity building in teachers is the most essential foundation a school can have, Silver Oaks will strive to create a community of professionals who will also be wonderful people.