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Shobna Dhamija
IB PYP Coordinator


I joined Silver Oaks international School Bangalore on March 2013 as a core team in IB PYP. Prior to this, I have worked in schools and college based out of Delhi, Bangalore and California, USA. As an educator, I enjoy building relationships with my learners, maximising opportunities, creating learning spaces for them to think, interact, develop and sustain the love of learning both inside and outside the classroom. I believe that all children are different and this is the kind of diversity that can strengthen the acceleration to growth.


IB workshops attended: Making PYP happen in the classroom, Learning environment and Inquiry, Teachers as Researcher, Assessment and Learning, Launching MYP. Attending these workshops have helped me in gaining deeper understanding of IB pedagogy, critical thinking, innovative and diverse education framework.


Online courses from Harvard school of Education, ‘Creating Cultures of Thinking’ and ‘How to Learn Math: For Students’ from Stanford professor Joe Boaler has helped me to look at how students’ understanding, thinking skills and mathematical abilities have developed over the time.


Teachers around the world help students find their true selves every day. In the words of Aristotle–“Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.”