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Richa Mehrotra
IB MYP Coordinator
Richa transformed into a passionate educator when she began to conduct “Intensives” in Silver Oaks Bangalore. Intensives are rigorous math and science projects designed to challenge gifted students. After successfully completing the yearlong Intensives as a part timer. She realized that her internal calling is more towards teaching than investment banking which she was into for more than 14 years in USA and India.
She had been part of the Education system in the USA where she chaired the “Cultural Fair Committee” in Illinois School District for three years, which aimed at spreading awareness about different cultures amongst the student and parent community. She joined Silver Oaks Bangalore as a MYP teacher and began to weave the world of knowledge into the curriculum with confidence and conviction.
IB workshops in Individual and Societies, Launching of MYP and Regional Coordinator workshop have equipped her to establish the MYP program.   During the MYP Verification visit she efficiently steered the school for the accreditation as “IB MYP World School”.
She has done Project Zero from Harvard Graduate School of Education on “Creating cultures of Thinking. She is a certified Big History project facilitator and helps teachers across the world in planning their BHP Curriculum. She is also a certified Conscious / Integral Counselor.This helps her enable students understand their emotions. She has attended several conferences to equip her in teaching and learning; this includes Innovation in Education with IIM Bangalore.
As an avid blogger and Creative writing facilitator. She enjoys spending time with students and motivating them to develop love for learning.