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Jayalakshmy Nambiar
IB PYP Math Coordinator
She is associated with us from the early years of our Bangalore ecosystem and has always been instrumental in promoting MINDFULNESS.
Having travelled length and breadth of the country, she brings in rich teaching-learning experience of over one and half decades in various boards put together: CBSE, ICSE and IB PYP.
She is a consistent learner and has attended a few categories of IB workshops to enhance her skills and competencies. She was the part of CBSE affiliation process, IB consultation and Verification visits.
She has mentored learners in making a smooth transition from PYP to MYP in their culminating project “PYP EXHIBITION” consecutively for 3 years. She is compassionate, empathetic, resilient and a strong believer of KAIZEN who vouches that process is more important than product. She has been certified by WIPRO as ‘Applying Thought Teacher’.
She says “While knowledge helps us in keeping the momentum between dreams and reality, one should take a pause, reflect and bring the culture of growth mindset in order to weather ‘the weather’ with in and around you as celebrating living is the essence of everyday happiness.”