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Refundable Deposit Rs 5,000 One time at the time of admission
Annual Fee  Rs.13,400 Payable yearly once along with
the first Term Fee
Tuition Fee Per Term Rs.30,200 Payable for 3 terms in a year
Transport Fee Per Term(Optional) Slab 1: Rs.6500
Slab 2: Rs.8700
Slab 3: Rs.9350
Payable for 3 terms in a year


  • The Transport slabs depend upon the bus stages/points.
  • The refundable deposit amount will be refunded once you leave the school along with the TC.
  • Tuition and Transport fee to be paid at the time of admission, 14th August and 14th December.
  • Fee payable at the time of Admission : Refundable Deposit, Annual Fee, First Term Tuition Fee, First Term Transport Fee ( If Opted)
  • Fee for programmes like ASSET, NIE, Mindspark to be paid separately.
  • Presently there is no Service Tax on the above. However, should any such taxes be levied on these facilities by the Government, the same will be charged to the parents from the date it is levied.
  • Fee hike of 10% can be expected every year.
  • No fee will be collected on pro rata basis.
  • Fee once paid will not be refunded or transferred.
  • This fee is applicable for the Academic year 2018-19 only.