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Silver Oaks International School extends you warm wishes. Thanks for your interest in our school. The admissions for the academic year 2019-20 are closed and we feel extremely sorry for not being able to accommodate your child into our school.


Rationale behind the Admission Policy

The culture of Silver Oaks International School is developed to optimize its impact on Mission and Vision. The idea is to create multitude platforms for everyone to maximize their potential. Based on the premise that character and competence need to be developed in congruence, the school identified ideas and designed new practices to build the character and competence of learners. 

The IB has a consistent philosophy about teaching and learning that focuses on the development of the whole child, and an overarching concept of how to develop international mindedness. The programme emphasizes on the intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth, involving the traditions of learning in languages, humanities, sciences, mathematics and the arts.


Admission Committee and decision-making process:

The Admission Committee is comprised of the School Management, Head of School, Admission Manager and the Pedagogical Leadership Team. The final decision on all applications rests with the Head of School. From the time, an interaction session is completed, the Admissions Committee aims to return a decision within one week, pending any further follow-up that may be required.


Admission Process for PYP

Admission into PP I and Grade 1 for an academic year starts with an online registration for school tour. Families seeking admission for their children are advised to visit the school website and register for the school tour.

Admission for Grades 2 to 9 will happen in mid March based on the TC’s.

Admission for Grade 11 will happen in the 3rd week of January.


It is advised that age suitability and transport convenience are checked before parents register for the tour.

In the interest of the child, School is particular about age readiness for a class level.


Age: As on 1st June of the joining year the child should be

3.5 years into PP I
4.5 years into PP II
5.5 years into Grade I
6.5 years into Grade II
7.5 years into Grade III
8.5 years into Grade IV
9.5 years into Grade V
10.5 years into Grade VI
11.5 years into Grade VII
12.5 years into Grade VIII
13.5 years into Grade IX
14.5 years into Grade X
15.5 years into Grade XI



Parents need to give an undertaking that no changes or exemptions will be asked for after admission.


School has a fleet of buses plying in particular routes and bus stages. Routes and stages will not be changed for individual convenience.


Parents have to give an undertaking of the same as routes cannot be changed after admission. It is acceptable if residence is changed after admission and school transport plies in that route, application for route change can be sought for. But asking for rerouting is not acceptable.


School Tour

After the School Tour and brief presentation on the school, interested parents may seek more information from school ambassadors.

If interested they may procure the application and complete the submission with required documents on the same day or within the given date.


Documents required:

Copy of birth certificate, Transfer Certificate from previous school, copy of Aadhar card of child and parents, 2 passport photos of child and parents. Only when all the above processes are completed, application forms are accepted.


Induction Programme & Personal Interactions

For Pre primary I : Child and parents meet the Senior leadership team of the school.

For all the other classes: An induction programme for understanding the entry level abilities of the child is taken.

Purpose : Purpose of induction is to maintain a record of child’s entry level ability in order to help if admission is done. Personal interaction is to ascertain alignment between parents’ aspirations and school’s philosophy.

Dates and timings will be intimated.


Confirmation of Admission

While the school exists to educate children, it is also limited in it’s space and capacity. Therefore limited applications are issued based on the number of seats available.

A lottery system is used to select students for the final admissions into the school.

On finalization of the admission, parents are given a week’s time to complete the fee formalities after which the student is enrolled into the school.


Link between Admission policy, Language Policy, Differentiated Instruction Policy and Assessment Policy.

Records of Induction programme are maintained by Admissions department and respective teachers to ensure support for children.


Differentiated Instruction Policy, Language Policy and Assessment Policy of the school ensure continued support for students after admission.


Silver Oaks thrives in the laughter and learning of children. Given the space available, we can take only some children. And we strive to build fair and just processes to enable the same. For further queries on admissions, mail to