Character Before Competence

Choosing the Best school in Bangalore is one of the most important decisions that you as a parent can take in your child’s life. From the first step to leaving school with confidence and competence of an intellectually stimulating career – Silver Oaks can make all the difference.

Silver Oaks Intl. School – Whitefield Campus is an IB – PYP candidate school
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Grooming Character & Competence
since 18 Years.

From June 2019 In whitefield.

Silver Oaks, an inspiring international school, is one of the best schools in Bangalore supported by a rich heritage of 18 years.

Silver Oaks has been consistently grooming contributors to society for the last 18 years. Our strengths in academic and administrative leadership encourage us to include more learners and create a larger community of inspired learners.

The responsibility of a good school is to create more space to extend its good practices to more children. We, on our part do our best to inculcate the best of practices in our students to make them excel in all the spheres of life

Since 2002 in Hyderabad, 2013 in Sarjapur, Bangalore, and 2017 in Visakhapatnam we continue to grow from strength to strength.

In June 2019, Silver Oaks began to weave the 4th ecosystem for inspired learning at Whitefield, Bangalore. It is one of the top schools in Bangalore.

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Why opt for ib at Silver oaks ?


Two IB Educators in-school to guide staff to explore and learn


Nearly 2 decades of experience in offering IB Progammes


Largest pool of trained and IB certified teachers


Presence in multiple cities enables the school teachers to collaborate and share ideas on teaching and learning methods

best school in bangalore
IB PYP - PP1 to Grade 6

Early Years Program (EYP) for PP I & PP II
Primary Years Program (PYP) for  Grade I to VI

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Primary Years Programme

The PYP prepares students to become active, caring, lifelong learners who demonstrate respect for themselves and others and have the capacity to participate in the world around them. It focuses on the development of the whole child.

Age range: 3 -12

Offered since 1997 across the world . Read More
Implemented since 2013 in Silver Oaks.

Silver Oaks International School, which commenced operations in June 2019, is an IB candidate school* for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme and pursuing authorization as an IB World School. IB World Schools share a common philosophy—a commitment to improve the teaching and learning of a diverse and inclusive community of students by delivering challenging, high quality programmes of international education that share a powerful vision.


We redefine the teaching learning process at the middle school level, to raise the standards of the students’ conceptual understanding and also to sustain the inquisitive minds and energies of the students who have done their PYP till grade-6, the Intellectually Stimulating Academic Programme [ISAP] was started in the year 2012 with thematic teaching and now it has gradually evolved to design model teaching.

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CBSE - Grade 7

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Silver Oaks International school in Whitefield, Bangalore offers facilities that encourage & ensure cognitive (knowledge), psycho-motor (skills) & affective (attitude) learning. Our classrooms and open spaces are designed to support our students in all three domains (cognitive, psycho-motor & affective). Moreover, we provide a range of other facilities for sensory, emotional, intellectual and creative enrichment which contribute to the child’s holistic development.

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Basketball at Silver Oaks
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Skating at Silver Oaks
Swimming at Silver Oaks
Yoga at Silver Oaks
Play Ground at Silver Oaks
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Dance at Silver Oaks
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Admission Procedure

The Admission Committee is comprised of the School Management, Head of School, Admission Manager and the Pedagogical Leadership Team. The final decision on all applications rests with the Head of School. From the time, an interaction session is completed, the Admissions Committee aims to return a decision within one week, pending any further follow-up that may be required.

Admissions for the academic year 2022-23 are open. If interested, kindly fill up the Enquiry Form or take a prior appointment before you visit the school for Admission Process.  


1. Fill the Enquiry Form

Parents can fill in the Online Enquiry form or take a prior appointment before you visit the school for Admission Process.

2. School Tour & Induction Programme

In the School Tour our Admission Officer will accompany you for campus tour to show the learning spaces and facilities.

The objective behind the Induction program is to understand the Grade Level Readiness and prior knowledge of the child.

The results of the Induction Program (PP2 to Grade 7) will be intimated through phone within a week.

3. Age Criteria & Documents Required

Age Criteria: 

Grade Age as on 1st June ‘22
PP 1 3 ½ years +
PP 2 4 ½ years +
Grade 1 5 ½ years +
Grade 2 6 ½ years +
Grade 3 7 ½ years +
Grade 4 8 ½ years +
Grade 5 9 ½ years +
Grade 6 10 ½ years +
Grade 7 11 ½ years +
Grade 8 12 ½ years +
Grade 9 13 ½ years +
Grade 10 14 ½ years +

Required Documents:

  • Photocopy of the birth certificate.
  • 2 latest passport size photos of the child and one each of the parents.
  • Photocopy Adhaar Card of Students and parents if available.
  • In case of admissions to PP2 to Grade 7 photocopy of the academic record of the current class.
  • Transfer Certificate to be submitted in the month of June (for grade 2 & above, candidates from other states should get the TC counter signed by the CBSE/Respective board)
4. Personal Interaction

Interaction with the parents is to see the alignment between parents’ expectations and schools’ programmes, therefore, it is essential that both parents and child appear for the Personal Interaction.

The admissions for all the grades will be confirmed within one week of the Personal Interaction through phone/email.

5. Confirmation of Admission

The results of the Induction Program (PP2 to Grade 7)  will be intimated through phone within a week. The admissions for all the grades will be confirmed within one week of the Personal Interaction through phone/email. After the admission confirmation, you should complete the fee formalities within a week of the confirmation call.

Fee Structure 2022-23

₹ 25,000

Refundable Deposit

This is a one time fee, refunded at the time of student leaving the school.



Fee for programmes like ASSET, NIE, Mindspark to be paid separately.

 PP I & PP II  ₹ 57,000
Grade I to X ₹ 70,000

Tuition Fee

(per Term)

Payable for 3 terms in an academic year

Tuition and Transport fee to be paid at the time of admission, August and December

*Fee Hike of 10% can be expected every year

₹ 15,500

Transport Fee

(per Term)

Payable for 3 terms in an academic year

*Fee Hike of 10% can be expected every year

₹ 11,000

Food Fee

(per Term)

Payable for 3 terms in an academic year

*Fee Hike of 10% can be expected every year


Our School Leadership

Shobna Dhamija

Shobna Dhamija


Shobna has taught in various schools and colleges in India and the USA for over 20 years. A part of IB PYP core team at Silver Oaks Sarjapur Rd., since its inception, she believes the role of a teacher is to facilitate students in self-discovery. Shobna is passionate about empowering learners to think, develop and sustain lifelong learning. She endeavours to build diverse classrooms where students’ talents and unique learning styles are celebrated.

A trained educator, Shobna is also a passionate traveler, adventure sports fan, music buff and book lover.

International Baccalaureate

Trained by IBO

IB Certificated in PYP and MYP

Project Zero by Harvard

Project Zero by Harvard

Course in   “Creating Cultures of Thinking”, to create enriching experiences in the school



Regularly attends training programs on CBSE approach and curriculum models

Syam Mohan

Admin Officer

Syam started his career as a teacher two decades ago and has extensive experience of working in leading international schools in India and abroad mainly in the area of setting up facilities, standards and practices. During his teaching tenure, he also assisted in the administration of the school in various capacities. Being a self-motivated educator and administrator, he facilitates a safe and conducive learning environment for acorns to bring out their best of character and competence.

Trained by IBO

IB Certificated in PYP & MYP

Project Zero by Harvard

Courses in “Creating Cultures of Thinking” to create enriching experiences in the school.


What People are Saying

“Highly Passionate Teachers”

Kiara doesn’t want to miss school one single day. These highly passionate teachers, the overall structure/ methodologies etc will only make our child a better citizen. I highly recommend this school. I am impressed by looking at my child, how every day she is becoming a better student, sportsperson, dancer, team player. 

Kapila Mehta & Anuj Singhvi
Parents of Kiara (Grade 4)


The school’s focus on character building and soft skills is amazing. There is a very good balance between studies and extracurricular activities.

Our child is asking questions at home. This proves that he is reflecting on the things he is being taught at school. We have become “Unofficial” ambassadors of Silver Oaks at our community.

Thank you for all the hard work you all are putting in.

Sarita Sony
Parent of Rishi Bonam (Grade 1)

“Holistic Learning Environment”

The environment, personal attention to the children and the teachers, it is a very friendly environment where the teachers and others are very approachable and honest. The children are influenced by various teachings at school and sometimes it reflects at home when they get themselves organized and in a few instances, they question the parents if it’s something that is out of the normal and against the value taught at school.

Parent of Dhiren & Mahathi Karthikeyan

Hours of Operation

8:30 AM to 3:30PM

SAT (1,3 and 5 week of a month)
8:30AM to 3:30PM
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