Character Before Competence

 Choosing the right school is one of the most important decisions that you as a parent can take in your child’s life. From the first step to leaving school with confidence and competence of an intellectually stimulating career – Silver Oaks can make all the difference.

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Silver Oaks International School
Sarjapur, Bangalore

9 Year Saga

Silver Oaks was born in 2002 with an aspiration to create an eco-system for inspired learning.

As School we want to groom young people as caring hearts and inspiring minds with respect for human values and the home planet whose knowledge will be a natural coincidence.

How do we do it? Society is looking at schools through a different lens! Our dichotomy was if schools have to just teach skills for livelihood who will teach human values? In a society who has the responsibility of generating values? families? organisations? Institutions? govt?

With uniformity in objectives, clothes, timings and tasks it is only a school who has the privilege and responsibility of value generation.

With that conviction Silver Oaks assumed the responsibility of Value generation along with imparting knowledge. Today Silver Oaks is one of the best school in Bangalore.

One of the Best

IB Continuum School & CBSE

Silver Oaks partners with IB & CBSE by providing IB Continuum

IB PYP - PP1 to Grade 6


Primary Years Programme

The PYP prepares students to become active, caring, lifelong learners who demonstrate respect for themselves and others and have the capacity to participate in the world around them. It focuses on the development of the whole child.

Offered since 1997 across the world
Implemented since 2013 in Silver Oaks

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IB MYP - Grade 7-10

Middle Years Programme

A challenging framework that encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world, the MYP is inclusive by design; students of all interests and academic abilities can benefit from their participation.

Offered since 1994 across the world
Implemented since 2016 in Silver Oaks

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IB DP - Grade 11-12

Diploma Programme

Research suggests many benefits to choosing the DP. The programme aims to develop students who have excellent breadth and depth of knowledge – students who flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically

Offered since 1968 across the world
Will be Implemented from 2020 in Silver Oaks

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Silver Oaks offers facilities that encourage & ensure cognitive (knowledge), psycho-motor (skills) & affective (attitude) learning. Our classrooms and open spaces are designed to support our students in all three domains (cognitive, psycho-motor & affective). Moreover, we provide a range of other facilities for sensory, emotional, intellectual and creative enrichment which contribute to the child’s holistic development.

PP Playing Area
TABLE tennis

Admission Procedure

Admissions for the academic year 2022-23 are open. If interested, kindly fill up the Enquiry Form and register for a School Tour.

School Timings: 8:15 am to 2:45 pm 
(PP1 to Grade DP1)
Curriculum: IB PYP, MYP, DP & CBSE

1. Fill the Enquiry Form

Parents can fill in the Online Enquiry form and Register for School Tour.

2. Three Step Admission Process

Step 1: Orientation

Is an interactive session between the parents and school, to discover how Silver Oak’s core of Character before Competence will help groom your child into a fine Individual.

Step 2: Induction
Is an assessment process, for the school to ascertain the entry level ability of the child to enrich their learning journey.

Step 3: Interaction

It takes a great partnership between the school and the parent to nurture the student into their true potential. The interaction session is structured for a candid discussion between the schools and parents upon the expectations and aspirations from each other.

3. Age Criteria & Required Documents

Age Criteria: 

Grade Age as on 1st June ‘21
PP 1 3 ½ years +
PP 2 4 ½ years +
Grade 1 5 ½ years +
Grade 2 6 ½ years +
Grade 3 7 ½ years +
Grade 4 8 ½ years +
Grade 5 9 ½ years +
Grade 6 10 ½ years +
Grade 7 (MYP2) 11 ½ years +
Grade 8 (MYP3) 12 ½ years +
Grade 9 (MYP4) 13 ½ years +
Grade 10 (MYP5) 14 ½ years +
DP1 15 ½ years +

Required Documents:

  • Photocopy of the birth certificate.
  • 2 latest passport size photos of the child and one each of the parents.
  • Photocopy Adhaar Card of Students and parents if available.
  • In case of admissions to PP2 to Grade 12 (DP2), a photocopy of the academic record of the current class is also required.
  • Transfer Certificate to be submitted in the month of June (for grade 2 & above, candidates from other states should get the TC counter signed by the CBSE/Respective board)
4. Application Form & Documents Submission

Following the one on one interaction, if the parent wishes to proceed with admission, the school will share the link for online application form, where the parent needs to upload the following documents soft copies and make the payment for first term and refundable deposit.

Required Documents – Soft copy:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Passport size photos of the child and of the parent(s).
  • Photocopy Adhaar Card of Students and parents is mandatory.
  • In case of admissions to PP2 to Grade 7 photocopy of the academic record of the current class.
  • Transfer Certificate to be submitted in the month of June (for grade 2 & above, candidates from other states or boards should get the TC counter signed by the CBSE/Respective board)

Fee Structure 2022 – 23

PP1 to Grade X – ₹ 25,000
DP1 to DP2 – ₹ 50,000

Refundable Deposit

This is a one time fee, refunded at the time of student leaving the school.



Fee for programmes like ASSET, NIE, Mindspark to be paid separately.

 PP I & PP II  – ₹ 92,600
Grade I to X – ₹ 1,14,000

Tuition Fee

(per Term)

Payable for 2 terms in an academic year

Tuition and Transport fee to be paid at the time of admission and in the month of September.

*Fee Hike of 10% can be expected every year

₹ 25,900

Transport Fee

(per Term)

Payable for 2 terms in an academic year

*Fee Hike of 10% can be expected every year

₹ 18,150

Food Fee

(per Term)

Payable for 2 terms in an academic year

*Fee Hike of 10% can be expected every year


Our School Leadership

Sailaja Vittaldev


She constantly explores the usage of thinking routines that promotes
Constructiveness, Cognitivism and Connectivism.   

Seeking inspiration from Gandhiji’s saying “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” she promises to work on creating an ecosystem for inspired learning.

She had the privilege of winning TAFIT – 2015 Award (Teacher Awards For Innovative Teaching)

Trained by IBO

IB Certificated in PYP, MYP & DP

Project Zero by Harvard

Courses in “Teaching and Learning” and “Creating Cultures of Thinking” to create enriching experiences in the school.


Regularly attends training programs on CBSE approach and curriculum models

Executive Education Workshop

Strategic Leadership for schools in Changing Environment

Pradeep Pai

Sarjapur Rd., Bangalore

“How to combine Education, technology and people for effective teaching learning process” is a constant muse the Pradeep Pai works on. A technology graduate from Bangalore University and an alumnus of IIMA, Pradeep brings wide experience in managing technology supported learning programs, operational experience in technology in classrooms program, and product and customer acquisition management experience at MNCs. As the COO of an EdTech company, he built it from ground up.

He values Deep work, a bias for action and holds a bunch of contrarian views

Trained by IBO

IB Certificated in PYP


Bangalore University
Karnataka, India


Indian Institute of Management
Ahmedabad, India


What People are Saying

“Extremely Happy”

I‘m extremely happy with the overall development that the school provides. It is very important that we make a responsible citizen that is what the school is up to.

K N Saritha


“Incredible Students”

I have been to one of the sessions of Big History Project. It was good to see the brilliance of students in demonstrating through narration and enactment. Congratulations to silver oaks on presenting a platform to the students to showcase their talent.
– Jyothirmayi Mukthineni

“We do what we say”

 As an IB school, each and every one of us have the learner profiles embedded within us and almost come naturally. At Silver Oaks, we follow Gandhi’s principles, read them, analyze them and implement them in our everyday lives. That is what makes us so powerful and proud acorns of Silver Oaks.
– Kritvi Kapoor

“Warm Staff”

I have done many workshops, but none have matched the warmth of being involved with your teaching staff. Your school presents so well as an authentic and meaningful IB community. The story of the Silver Oaks and its Acorns resonates with me as I leave and I hope I will have ongoing contact with your community.”

– Peter Dunoon
MYP Consultant

Hours of Operation

8:15 AM to 2:45PM

SAT (1,3 and 5 week of a month)
8:15AM to 2:45PM
Office and Senior School

We are closed

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