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When Ms. Uma Devi was asked about the most important quality that she possessed, she proudly replied, ‘integrity and loyalty’. Integrity and Loyalty not just to her job or her school or her dreams, but loyal to the cause of developing a good personality in students so as to help them grow as responsible citizens with integrity. For she firmly believes that knowledge can always be easily acquired but a personality has to be carved and worked upon. It is this integrity and loyalty that has seen her grow to this leadership role in the school.


She comes qualified with a Bachelors in Education and a Bachelors in Commerce. Having over 20 years of experience in teaching various grade levels in State, CBSE and IB schools, and with 14 of those in Silver Oaks, she is equipped with a very dynamic mind that enables her to meet everyday challenges with a clear mind and practical approach to drive things to their fruitful completion. She has emerged as a role model to both students and teachers alike whose door is always open to help and guide.


She has received training from several IBO workshops conducted by workshop leaders from across the world in Making PYP Happen, Assessments in PYP, Inquiry in PYP, Teaching and Learning and Sustainability as International-Mindedness, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Conceptual Understanding for the 21st-century along with the Quality Leadership Programme conducted by the Confederation of Indian Industry [CII] which have turned her into a passionate educator and a lifelong learner.


Her ideas and creativity saw her presenting a research paper on Constructivist Pedagogy: Process, Possibilities and Implications at Regional Institute of Education [NCERT], Bhopal. She has also been successful in training the teachers, conducting workshops and also giving orientations and presentations to the parents as well as the teachers.


As the Head for the Middle School which is called the ISAP wing [ISAP stands for Intellectually Stimulating Academic Program] she utilizes her domain knowledge of English and Social Studies, her experience and training to weave the curriculum that stimulate the learning instincts of the young learners in the best possible manner.


Apart from a rich stimulating challenging professional life, she being a nature lover, enjoys the occasional thrill of trekking. One such trek was to the Himalayas where she trekked to a height of 13500 feet in the year 2012.