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Me & My Country- A civic and social responsibility program of the school.

The school aims at developing character and competence along with responsibility for self and society.

We started a social and civic responsibility program as we believe that schools cannot be isolated from the society. In fact they have the ability to influence a large number of people into always putting the right step forward. Since 2006 we have been creating a consciousness in the school community and thereby all those we interact with regarding our responsibilities in making our country a better place to live in.

Acorns for Civic and Social Awareness

Resolution Cards

Signature campaigns for inculcating positive and progressive attitudes. Encouraging resolutions towards anti corruption,self help, following traffic rules, safety systems. Keeping home and neighborhood, clean.

Me & My Country

A book on leadership, integrity and values.

On 15th August 08 we released a book called ‘Me & My Country’ which is like a text book to learn about bravery, courage,sacrifice, collective responsibility & action, values, leadership qualities, freedom, patriotism, unity, traditions and national pride. We have talked about our role models and unsung heroes that we met, festivals as we celebrate and perspectives as we have.