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Me and my country, we grow together. Mission driven into the hearts of acorns of Silver Oaks.

Silver Oaks inspires it’s acorns by emphasizing on how each one of us can play a role in nation building.

Just like every drop makes an ocean, every coin can help the country grow is the belief behind this initiative called ‘Coins for the Country’.

With the belief that meaningful education can transform the country, school embarked on a mission to help in the education of less privileged.

Children from 4 years to 17 years are encouraged to save or earn coins for about 6 months. From running errands at home to running weekend libraries, cutting down on expenses to saving the pocket money, children find different ways to save money to help in the education for the less privileged.

The school believes in grooming contributors to the society, not just consumers.

Earthen pots are made as kiddy banks in the school and children take them home in the starting of academic year. 






In the last week of January, pots are brought to the school and the coins are tapped out to be counted. These pots are also recycled to be planters. Parents volunteer to help in counting the mountains of coins.




The school wears a festive look for a week with children and teachers counting coins. Teachers are the role models. Along with the students, they too, save and donate.





These funds are donated to Rural Development Foundation ( ) which runs schools for the less privileged in about 6 villages where more than 2000 children are getting educated to be self-sufficient. The school also helps in training and curriculum development for RDF schools.





Academic Year Funds raised by team at Silver Oaks
2005-2006  75000
2006-2007 306150
2007-2008 367380
2008-2009 306150
2009-2010 826605
2010-2011 857220
2011-2012 551070
2012-2013 860000
2014-2015 1002000
2015-2016 1100000
2016-2017 1376945
2017-2018 1684097