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Hall of Poetry

Poetry Water water everywhere not a drop to drink I can find it here and there but nothing is fit to drink If not conserved then and there we might not find it anywhere We all die then and there so other all cry here and there One kill another everywhere for a drop of water then and there This is

Columnist Corner

As I Looked Out the Window... I looked out the window of my classroom while I was talking with my classmates and eating my not so delicious lunch. Suddenly BRRRIIINNNGGG! rang the bell. The clock had just passed the 12:30 mark. Half day of school was over and the other half

Friction Bakery

  The Tricky Test I sat in my desk, sweating all over. Rambling up on every word I put on that paper. That paper was one of my worst nightmares. Playing video games, the day before was the worst thing I ever did. I kept thinking it’s just a monthly math’s


HIMALAYAN TREKKING Day 1: Our Himalayan trek started with a afternoon flight to Delhi from Hyderabad. For sooner of the students it was their first flight trip. Nervous when the flight took off.seeing the city , roads, parks,buildings several 1000 ft down from the plane was an awesome sight. After