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Achievements of Silver Oaks International School, Bangalore 2018 – 19


Silver Oaks School family is immensely proud of its Acorn KRIISH TYAGI, who has come a long way in the field of sports since the time he joined us in Grade 1. The passion that he possesses and the support that he gets from the school and his family inspired him to bring many laurels in Lawn Tennis. After the recent IATA tournaments, he stands number 3 in Karnataka state and 36th in the National level in Under 12 Boys’ category.




Also, Kriish won winners of all India tennis association National CS7 under -14 tournament held at Haryana and National CS7 under -12 tournament held at Karnal. He has earned several medals at national level tournaments in single and doubles categories.



AVYAN SHAH won gold medal in under 8 Karnataka state chess championship in 2018.



ATHARV AGRAWAL won the 5th place in the 55th chess tournament of the Indian Chess Academy held at Bangalore.


Kung Fu

ABHIRATH SARASWAT won the gold medal in the state level championship held at 7th Bangalore Kung Fu Championship in Sub Junior Level .


A PRANAV won the bronze medal in the state level championship at 7th Bangalore Kung Fu Championship in Sub Junior Level.



ESHANE JAYASWAL won several gold and silver medals in 50m freestyle and breast stroke in the Interschool Aquatic Championship held at Ebenezer International, Oakridge International, Pratham International etc .


SHASHANK ANANTH IYER won several gold and the silver medals in 50m freestyle and butterfly respectively in Interschool Aquatic Championship held at India International, Oakridge International, Pratham International etc .



ARYAN SHIVA RAMKUMAR secured Individual Championship in the Inter School Athletic Meet held at NEEV Academy Bangalore.




Winners in Juniors Inter school football tournament held at Silver Oaks International School.




The Ivy League MUN

Ivy League MUN 2018 held in Bangalore was a challenging and immersive four day conference of students all across India to debate together and find solutions to world problems through extensive discussions. 11 students from our school participated and were much appreciated for their deep involvement.








JMUN Oakridge 2018

Congratulations Acorns for an excellent performance at JMUN Oakridge!

16 students from MYP 2 and MYP 3 participated in the 2 day Model United Nations Conference held at Oakridge International School. The Junior MUN was a great exposure for junior grades. This helped them explore various United Nations Committees, learn and research on different countries and agendas.







Mihir Talati (MYP 3) was pronounced the Outstanding Delegate in ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL COMMITTEE and Soham Lohakarey (MYP 3) the Outstanding Delegate in UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL.





Janhavi Mishra (MYP2) and Aryan Ramkumar (MYP3) received verbal recognition in their respective committees.




Green Wood High Competitions


VIVAAN SUNDRANI from Grade 1 won the First Prize in cross word puzzle competition at “One Stop English 2018, Junior English Literary festival” held at Greenwood High School, Bannergatta Road.




Participation at St.Patricks Academy


Our acorns participated in various competitions held at St. Patricks School on 24th November and bagged many prizes.

Junior team category (Gr 5-8) – first prize – Dance


Sub-junior (Gr 1-4) category – 2nd position – folk fusion


Senior Team (Gr 9) – first prize – Rangoli


Sub-Juniors Art Competition – Hasini from Grade-3 – 3rd prize.
Junior Art competition – Niranjan from Grade 7 – 3rd prize.
“Weave a story” – Senior team from Grade 9 – 3rd prize.



ALC (Advanced Learning Centre)
ALC Students attended an interactive session talk by Mr Sriram Raghavan (IBM), on Artificial Intelligence and the future.




Historia Conference 2018


Conference of History for all, that focused on past, present and future of human evolution. From Big Bang Theory to the Birth of a Star, Gravity to Technology…presentations in Ted Talk Style.


Three States, Three Cities and One Community ….’Historia’ – Interactive Knowledge Conference on 2nd and 3rd Nov.


Our senior acorns from Silver Oaks Hyderabad, Vizag, Bangalore came together to present 13.8 Billion Years of History in two days.












Bangalore 2017-18


Excellent performance by our Acorns in English Olympiad. Inika, grade 4th, International rank -13th, Zonal rank -7th
Aditya Ashish Amritkar, grade 4th, International rank 1, Zonal rank -1. They have also received cash prize of 1000 rupees and Academic Book set.


Silver Oaks is proud of its initiative ” Coins for My Country”. The acorns of Silver Oaks earn money from parents by foregoing some of their wants and save this in their piggy banks. This year we collected 85,000 rupees which was donated to Mathru foundation for disabled people.


Medals of excellence in International English Olympiad:

Avyan Shah- Gold medal- Zonal Rank 13 – School rank 1
Inika Talati- Gold medal – Zonal rank 7 – School rank 2
Fahim Bawahir – Gold medal – Zonal rank 14- School rank 3


Achievements of Silver Oaks The School of Bangalore


 Acorns of Grade 9 of Silveroaks International School, Bangalore attended a science workshop conducted by Dayanand  Sagar University  from 5-7 Jan.  They were encouraged to come up with their own innovative ideas. They were given training on programming and Aurdino board under the category of Robotics and Internet of things. They made two models based on their learning which they exhibited their models on the third day. They also participated in the elocution, poster making and science quiz. It was a good learning experience and a great exposure.




Movie making competition
First place – Akash. K. Ramachandran , Arita De  and Aditi  Vasistha
Second place – Bharath Sharma , Alona Saji  and Shivani Mahesh Shehar
Graphics design :
Second place –   Eshane Jayaswal


Alona Saji, Grade 9th, Silver Oaks International School of Bangalore won won second prize in the HS section for mono act, which was conducted in St.Thomas Forane church, under the eparchy of Mandya (Syro Malabar) . Congratulations Acron !



Avyan Shah, grade 1st Silver Oaks International School of Bangalore, won second position in the 4th Karnataka Chess Championship conducted by Innovators Chess Academy in Bangalore on Nov 17 & 18.
Proud of you Acorn!




Congratulations   Shankar N, acorn grade 6th, Silver Oaks International School of Bangalore. The car project of Shankar has been selected by the science society of India(INSEF – Indian science and engineering fair) He worked for 2.5 years and made a chart 4ft × 4ft. He was invited by the science society of India to vagdevi villas school to present his car project. He won the gold medal.




Congratulations to all delegates, Silver Oaks International School of Bangalore, for great participation at Canadian International MUN, November 11 and 12, 2016. Young MUNers from grade 7th-9th worked along with 240 other delegates, mostly from higher grades, to solve their agenda. They were exemplar in their performance.
Delegate Aarush Mehrotra, Grade 7th,
Sneha Vinoth, Grade 7th and Snigdha Prakash, Grade 8th won special mention on their outstanding performance.

sni sh aa


INTERSCHOOL SPELL BEE competition was held at Global Indian International School, Bangalore today, Nov 4th.
Congratulations on our
little Acorns Sriman Eshwar Jayanti and Advaita Mehrotra, grade 2; Silver Oaks International School of Bangalore. for winning second prize.
Congratulations Vishnu Shastry Heddese and Dayanithaa M, grade 5th for participation. Way to go Acorns ???



Congratulation Niranjan Simha, garde Vth Silver oaks International school of Bangalore. Niranjan was selected at the National level art contest GOOGLE DOODLE. He is amongst the top 12 finalist and will represent Silver Oaks in Delhi.

google-doodle-niranjan-10 google-doodle-niranjan-5 google-doodle-niranjan-3



Acorns of Silver Oaks International School of Bangalore aced the show! Avyan Shah, Grade 1st, won gold medal and Aarush Mehrotra, Grade 7th, won bronze medal at Vagdevi Vilas Interschool sports meet, October 27th 2016.
Out of the 52 participants our rating were
1st – Avyan Shah
3rd – Aarush Mehrotra
15th- Arnav Singh Brar
23rd – Aditya Ashish A



Aarush Mehrotra, Grade 7th Silver oaks International school of Bangalore won
1st prize, Press Play @ INDUS LITERARY FEST-2016, held at Indus International School on October 26th 2016. ” Steel your words” ….way to go Acorn.



Karthikeya Chowdary Koganti, Grade 7th Silver Oaks International School of Bangalore, was Roll of Honour winner at the Times NIE Olympics 2016.

Roll of Honour

Bangalore’s First Junior Model United Nations 

Oakridge International School, August 26th, 27th 2016.

Aarush Mehrotra, grade 7th, Silver Oaks International school of Bangalore, won the BEST DELEGATE award for his exceptional performance at JMUN held at Oakridge International School . Way to go Aarush !

e1 e2 e3





Eight students from grade 6th to 8th participated in the JMUN. Siddharth Arun (grade 6th), Meha Porwal( Grade 6th),Mihir M. Talati ( Grade 6th), Aarush Mehrotra ( Grade 7th), Sneha Vinoth (Grade 7th), Sidhu S. Keerthi ( Grade 7th), Esahne Jayaswal ( Grade 8th), Snigdha Prakash ( Grade 8th).



Snigdha Prakash, Grade 8th, acorn of Silver Oaks International School Bangalore performed at SMA-SANGAM 2016, Mumbai. She is learning Hindustani Classical Music at Shankar Mahadevan Academy. At the meet students across the world came together to sing and perform.



Inter School Swimming Competition 

Pratham International School, August 20th 2016.

Congratulations ! Eshane Jayaswal , Grade 8th, Silver Oaks International of Bangalore. Proud winner of two bronze medals, in 50 mts.

w1 w2 w3





Backstroke and 50 mts. Breaststroke under 14 yrs. at Inter-school swimming competition held at Pratham International School.


Colors of Expression 

Inter school Fest at Global Indian International School, Bangalore, August 2nd 2016.

Congratulations to our acorns for performing exceptionally well at Inter School Fest, Global Indian International School, Bangalore .
Way to go  Acorns !?

Elocution : Snigdha Prakash ( Grade 8th) 1st position
Digital painting : Niranjan Simha D.H ( Grade 5) 2nd position
Photography : Viswa Teja ( Grade 7th) 1st position
Poster Making : Meha Porwal ( Grade 6th) 2nd position
Still Life Drawing : Pragna Reddy Sura ( Grade 7th ) 3rd position

q1 q2 q3 q4 q5 q6 q7









There were 10 students from grade 4th -8th that participated in various competitions. Debate,Elocution, Photography, Still Life drawing,Digital painting, Poster making.


Coach Direct Opening Skating Tournament – 30 Jan 2016

U-11 Bronze – Jahnavi – Grade 5
U- 8 Bronze – Chaitanya – Grade 2

coach direct skating

15th National Cyber Olympiad

5 of our students are awarded medals for their exceptional performance.
3 have been qualified for the next level.


IIS – Interschool Swimming Gala 2015-16

Third Prize : Chaitanya Katha (Grade 2)

Chaitanya Katha with IIS principal Dr Azra begum
Chaitanya Katha with IIS principal Dr Azra Begum


Presidency Challenge (18th Aug 2015)

Spell Bee: Second Prize  Siddharth Arun (Grade 5)

20150818_120231 20150818_150639


New Baldwin Inter School competition (27 & 28 Nov 2014)

Born Orator –  Second Prize :  Paluck Bhandari (Grade 2)


GIIS Inter School Global Lil Stars:

1.    Ad Bag Competition – First Prize:

giis 3 giis 2

a)    Anvit Kelkar (Grade 6)

b)   Dhwani Mothay, Koganti Karthikeya, Ganya Dinesh (Grade 5) 

c)    Shankar Subramaniam and Rohin Rajagopal (Grade 4)

2.    Digital Photography – Second Prize

a)    Aarush Mehrotra (Grade 5)

3.     Digital Painting – Third Prize

a)    Anvit Kelkar (Grade 6)

Times of India Lit Fest Short Story Writing 


Aarush Mehrotra’s short story was selected as one of the 24 stories during the ‘Times of India Lit Fest Short Story Writing’ in Bangalore and was later published in a book.  Please click here to view the story.

In School 


 Grade 5-6 Girls : Dhwani Mothay

Grade 3-4 Girls : Jaahanvi Katha

Grade 2 Girls : Paluck Bhandari

Grade 1 Girls : Hima Nandana

Grade 1 Boys : Chaithanya Katha 

Grade 2 Boys : Kriish Tyagi

Grade 3-4 Boys : Harshit Hruday T

Grade 5-6 : Anvit Kelkar