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With pedagogical references from

  • IB-PYP
  • Project Zero of Harvard University,
  • Taxonomy,
  • Multiple Intelligences,
  • Constructivism,
  • Inquiry based learning,
  • Strategic teaching & learning methods
  • Action Learning

With content references from

  • National Curriculum Framework of India,
  • IB Transdisciplinary program of Inquiry,
  • Global Content from different sources,

Silver Oaks aims to empower the learner with knowledge concepts positive attitudes essential skills and responsible action.
With an aim to inculcate healthy competitive spirit and a zeal to race with oneself, Silver Oaks encourages all the acorns to excel in Board exams, School assessments, Olympiads, ASSET, Spell BEE and other Inter School competitions.

How our Learning is Organized

PP1 to Grade 6 IB – PYP
*Currently an IB candidate school
Grade 7 & 8 ISAP
Grade 9 & 10 Learning by Design

*Only schools authorized by the International Baccalaureate can offer any of its four academic programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), the Diploma Programme or the IB Career-related Certificate (IBCC). Candidate status gives no guarantee that authorization will be granted.

Inquiry based learning

Inquiry based learning initiates the students into exploring, wondering and questioning to make connections and test theories.
Silver Oaks believes that learning happens best when the learner is involved.

Trans-disciplinary learning

It is highly desirable that 21st century learner identifies the connections and concepts in different subjects through a transdisciplinary learning program.


A broad framework of what Content needs to be learnt conceptually, is suggested in the National Curriculum Framework of India.
Silver Oaks brings an alignment between NCF & trans-disciplinary learning.


Educational Initiatives Ahmadabad has designed a test for students from Grade III to X. Reasoning, Logic, analysis and common sense are the skills required to write this test.
A diagnostic result is given as a feedback.
Silver Oaks found this as a great tool to sharpen the thinking skills of students.

Tests and competitions

Race with oneself is what Silver Oaks preaches. However, it is essential to inculcate a sense of competition in learners. Suitable National and international tests and competitions are identified and the learners are encouraged to participate.

Assessment policy

For the learner to assess his/her learning progress, regular formative and summative assessments are built into the teaching/learning program.
Silver Oaks believes in a culture of success backed by a belief that all pupils can achieve.

To motivate, to leave no one behind and to empower the learners” is the philosophy of assessment.

Language policy

English is the medium of instruction while it is also focused as a language where communication, expression, written forms and aesthetics are developed.
In keeping with the National Language policy in education, national language and regional language are also taught.
To appreciate and understand the cultures and develop international mindedness, teaching and learning programmes of foreign languages are also encouraged.

Reading policy

Reading is an essential element in learning. Book reading and reading assignments are planned regularly to enhance learning.
Silver Oaks believes that reading is the only treasure that accompanies its owner everywhere.


While learning is one part, expressing the learning in certain formats and using appropriate language is equally important.

Silver Oaks believes that Creativity in writing and expression is integral to learning.

Spell bee

Although computers correct spellings, Silver Oaks believes that correct spelling is an attitude.

My Learned World: Pre-Primary