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As I Looked Out the Window…

I looked out the window of my classroom while I was talking with my classmates and eating my not so delicious lunch. Suddenly BRRRIIINNNGGG! rang the bell. The clock had just passed the 12:30 mark. Half day of school was over and the other half is yet to come. The Physics teacher has squeeze the juice out of us till the last drop dripped down the drain. Recess was over and there was nothing to look forward to. Exhausted, I went and sat at my desk, and looked out of the window. Gazing at the beautiful sky and reminiscing my past days which I used to enjoy as a kid. There was one memory that still bewildered me to this day. It was around 2 years ago and It was the middle of the night, I just woke up for some weird reason, I looked at the clock and it read 12:00. Dizzy as I was I went to get myself a glass of water. Gulping the chilled water down my throat, I peeked out of the window and saw the moon shining silver against the deep, damp, night sky. Suddenly, I saw a shady figure move by the moonlight. It moved across the the fence and onto our lawn. It started to get suspicious, I hustled up the stairs into my parents bedroom, but I thought before informing them I would take another glance out of the window. To my surprise, he was no longer there, but this time something else caught my eye. What looked to be a yellow package. I was freaked out and went to my bed immediately, but there was some pseudo force pulling me towards the package. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I quickly rushed out of the door to check what it was. It was a package, I decided to fiddle with it for a while, while I was in a dilemma to unwrap it or not. The next thing I knew was I quickly unwrapped it and the moment I unwrapped the last wrapper I was suddenly surrounded by thousands of people, I was dressed in a classic tuxedo and was receiving an award from the principal. As if I achieved something great, all the thousands of people started applauding. I was being treated as a king. I was asked by everyone, everyone wanted to meet me , I suddenly became the hot topic of the school. Then a bright light shone on me. I woke up in my bed with the sunlight gleaming through my window. I looked out of my bedroom window and saw a strange man putting a yellow parcel on our lawn. I quickly hustled down the stairs towards the lawn by the time I arrived the man was gone. I picked up the package, on the front side of the package, my name was scribbled with a black marker. I opened it and to my excitement it was the same tuxedo I wore just a few minutes ago. I remembered then that today the results of the scholarship test were to be announced. I screamed with excitement “ Dream, here I come”.
Grade X
Silver Oaks International School- Hyderabad


As I looked out of the window…..

As I looked out of the window, my heart was filled with joy to witness the bright greenish hills. The hills looked fabulous as they were crowned with heaps of white, fluffy clouds. They looked dense as its small steps beared saplings of tea plant. The sight of the gushing stream, the exotic flower valleys and flock of birds were a pleasure to my eyes. The atmosphere was very fresh and rejuvenating. It was a break from my monotonous routine. I could feel the ground moving beneath my feet. Everybody were chit chatting about various things. Probably, I was the only one who was sitting covered in deep thoughts.
I love travelling, especially to hill stations. Now, this train journey wasn’t a very easy one since I had to travel from south to the east of India. Yeah, I was travelling to Darjeeling by train.
Suddenly, the chuckling of the train had stopped after which I realised that the train had come to an halt. I stepped out of the train compartment. I could feel the fresh air entering into my body. The lovely weather gave me happiness and loosen me out of my stress. My excitement grew. I was craving to taste the famous Darjeeling tea followed by a ride in the toy train, had a look at mount Kanchenjunga and so on. I switched off my mobile phone and dumped it into my travel bag.  
That was a trip to cherish my life…
Thank You !!!

Grade X
Silver Oaks International School- Hyderabad


As I looked out the window that morning,

I found that the Sun was rising from the West. I wondered, “The sun should rise in the East but why is it rising from the West. I think it is because of someone”. The sun rose from the West and set in the East. It took me a few days to find out. After going out, I found a land of fairies. The City was fully changed into small houses and shops. That is why the sun sets in the East and rises in the West.
When I had been out, I was greeted by the fairies living there.
I asked, “Who are you”? And Why have you changed our City into a land of fairies?
They replied, “We are the fairies from the neighbouring planet and we landed here because our planet was ruined by a monster.
I said, “I will get rid of the monster for you”. The fairies thanked me and took me to their planet. The nature was ruined totally. The monster was gorgeous and big and it stared towards us. He thought to kill us but luckily we escaped. The monster was looking for me as I was its most wanted target. With my might and super powers, I over powered the monster and killed it.
The fairies thanked me for eliminating the monster and they built their city again. They rewarded me with the most beautiful flower which is rare of its kind and with a whole lot of goodies.
I thanked them and returned back to Earth…..

Grade IX
Silver Oaks International School- Hyderabad

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