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The Tricky Test

I sat in my desk, sweating all over. Rambling up on every word I put on that paper. That paper was one of my worst nightmares. Playing video games, the day before was the worst thing I ever did. I kept thinking it’s just a monthly math’s test, I will sweep it over with an A or A plus like I usually do. But just as I read the first question the words that uttered out of mouth were “Teacher, Is this a Japanese test or something?” Soon as I said that, the silence that you could never get in a routine school day turned into a flash mob. But the only different thing is instead of applauding they were all laughing out loud. I knew among those laughers there were people who literally wanted to cry. I didn’t know what to do. I called the teacher over and told her “Teacher I am not feeling well; I need some rest.” I told her with the most upset and pleading face I could ever keep, and she replied me telling “Ha, nice try Better luck next time.” When did teachers get so intelligent was the only question that struck my mind at that time. “Last 15 minutes” announced the teacher and the only colors you could see on my paper were black and white. I slid my pen with utmost difficulty as if 10 tons of bricks were on my shoulders. I didn’t have anything to do so I just read the question paper again and again.
The third time I read the question paper I actually read the instructions too which stated “don’t answer any questions carefully.” then I understood it was just a trick that the teacher played on us to check how efficient we were at reading. Then I looked to my left and saw my friend Luis writing pages and pages of answer. I looked to my right and saw my friend Sebastian answering the last question. Then I thought to my myself how big idiots they were, then I started laughing I couldn’t keep it anymore I am sure when I did that everyone thought that I got mad reading the question paper. Then I looked at the teacher with a smile on my face thinking I got this and she looked at me, and this sort of telepathic communication happened between us. She understood that I was one of them who actually read instructions. I quickly slashed out every blue color that was on that paper with my pencil, wrote my name and submitted the paper. All my friends started thinking “oh, he’s too smart.” But the truth is they are dumb. “time, pens down” the teacher announced, she had this habit of eating words between sentences whenever she told something. I always wondered what she had for Lunch that she was so hungry and ate words. She collected all the papers and started correcting them like speedy Gonzales. “Oo, too fast my friend complimented”, and the other was like the speed limit is 30 km/h. They were really funny. And we had this habit of discussing answers after every test. The smartest person used to lobby all the kids and discuss the answer. In that case it was me.
I screamed on top of my voice “here everyone”, after everyone gathered I asked them how was the paper. Everyone with that old annoying face used to say it’s a fail this time. The clowns of the class whom the teacher used to call buffoons said why do you ask me when you know the answer? While everyone started talking among themselves I said “this time it’s an A+ for me”, and just as I said that everyone with that old astonished look on their face started questioning me how did you do that, before I answered any question the teacher announced “everyone come back to your places. I corrected all the papers”. She said that only 1 student got an A+, well I knew who that student was and everyone else did as well.
She said before I tell who that student his, do you guys even read instructions I clearly stated read and don’t answer the questions carefully. What did you guys do you answered them. Only Abhinav read the instructions carefully. At that moment I felt so happy and proud that I played games all day the day before. Playing games has its own benefits.
Grade X
Silver Oaks International School- Hyderabad



Drugs and its impact on …………
We the bright young people have a lot to do in our life but there are many circumstances which are making a path for backward fall. Some examples are unwanted channels in television, and as we know the most prevalent one is drugs.  
So, now lets talk about drugs and their effects on …..
As we all know we human beings get attracted to many things in life that are unwanted. While coming to the matter of drugs we the well-wishers or future upcomers are only creating a positive symbol on drugs. Drugs are really pathetic to life spoiling our own body organelles. if I have to give the real-life example then I would say if a person who is a drug addict he earns some money out of which he spends almost like 10% of it and he is not getting any benefit out of it neither he is having a positive effect on his body. He s loosing money as well as his health so in this case this man is digging his own grave!!!!!!! With a man knowing all the negative effects on drugs still he is an addict, why??????? What is making him do so. It need not be anyone the pathogens are all around you, it might be the environment you live in or it might be your favourite actor or even your best friend. Why do people like drugs are they tasty are they cheep or are they going to earn money ??. they will always have negative effects but will not benefit. Some say they are relaxation agent and many more so now as we know about the drugs, let come to an agreements….
We are the future citizens so let us create a change in the environment and let us create a platform where drugs wont exist.
Grade X
Silver Oaks International School- Hyderabad


The killer blue whale

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots. It’s become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity. -Albeirt Einstein“

The above quotes aren’t subtle. Einstein was right! That day is here — behold the generation of idiots! But why should a generation with the most technical advancement be quoted as idiots ?? The media has the answer to it. In the past few weeks, the world is witnessing a series of suicides grounding to an online game named “The Blue Whale”. Blue Whale is definitely not the magnificent creature of the ocean, but is a destroyer in the form of an online game that has claimed the lives of few innocent youngsters. Is the word “Idiot” sounding reasonable now??
Would the modern man ever have thought that an online game can lead to deaths? We are not talking about just the Blue Whale. There are many such games which are solely based on violence, theft, kidnaps etc. There were times when games were played purely for the fitness of our body and mind. Since when did games become fatal? Obviously, its after the invention of online games which come with a great competence to get people addicted to it. And trust me, this addiction has turned out to be more dangerous than any alcohol or drugs !!
Thousands of millions of people all over the world are game addicts!! This very thought sends chills all over my body. How did so many people get drawn to this? Is it coz of the enormous amount of users that so many games are invented or is it coz of the availability of huge number of games that so many people of got addicted to it? Is this a problem with the creator of the games or with the people who play it? This question is analogous to “Which came first? The chicken or the egg? “ . Whatever may be the answer, we should start thinking seriously about the dire impacts of such games. And this thinking shouldn’t just stop there. It should enable us to become more responsible and sensible people who would know where to draw a line and where to stop when things seem to go out of control.
Me being a teenager, find it tough to refrain myself from playing games. But I want to take a vow that I WILL NOT get addicted to online games no matter how interesting and attractive they are. Becoming an expert in online games definitely doesn’t fetch either me or my parents any pride. Life will not come to a halt if I do not play online games and it wouldn’t cost anything precious. But game addicts who end their lives thoughtlessly pay their entire future as a ransom to these games and cost a whole bunch of sorrow to their parents who unfortunately should continue the rest of their lives with this intolerable pain.
Me, Aryan who is a teenager now, is taking a vow that at no point of time in my life will I become a prey to online games and waste my precious life and time.
Aryan V
Grade X
Silver Oaks International School- Hyderabad


The Journey to the Beach

” We all will travel by in different paths, but where ever we go we will still be friends” were the last lines I could remember from my graduation speech. Writing a graduation speech isn’t as easy as it sounds. You had to thank everyone single one, and then write about how was your school year. It was a so lame and boring task to do. You had to “crisp it” as my teacher used to say. I tried all my best to put in humor to the speech, but as much as I did the lamer it got.
There were only 2 things I liked about graduation. Of course, one of them was graduation party, but the other is something very, very interesting and exciting which was A trip to the beach with my friends. Wait, that alone isn’t interesting right. The interesting part came in when I heard my teacher say ” no parents.” 3 days without parents, in a 5-star hotel which was located at the beach with your friends was the best, best thing that could have happened in that school year. I was so desperate for this trip and it finally arrived. Now back to routine I had to pack all my stuff. That was the most head aching thing I hated to do. As usual I stuffed everything into that small suitcase of mine with my mom yelling at me “don’t do that, you would face difficulty in taking out our clothes.” I didn’t care what she told me, because she kept telling this to me for the past 3 years I guess, and the truth is I never faced difficulty in taking my clothes out. My mom made a list for me, which listed the things to pack. I don’t understand why do you need a plan for packing stuff.
Packing means throwing all your stuff into a suitcase, it’s as easy as digging a hole. “sunscreen check, sun glasses check” were the last things I told, before leaving. That day I reached school on time which I usually don’t do, and then I quickly broke down the gate and hallway and entered my class. It was filled with this exciting atmosphere. When I entered the class everyone came to me and started chatting with me. Everyone was so exited that they literally wanted to jump around. After everyone arrived we got into that old bus, and began our journey. Journey is boring, but Journey with friends is exciting. After we travelled midway in our journey everyone popped out their soda pops and takis (similar to lays, but very very spicy). We shared and ate till we got full, and then you know what happened, we had to stop at seven eleven for the washroom. We continued our journey as soon as every one returned. While the journey was going on our principal said ” no more soda pop and chips,” as soon as she said that everyone kept that old aww… face. The clowns of the class started mimicking the principal.
It was a fun journey; the hilarious part came in when we all decided to watch a movie. We asked the driver weather he had any movies with him. He gave this huge stack of DVDs which he stored in the bus to us. We didn’t know what to watch. So it was random, one person has to count numbers from 1 to 50 and one person has to stop him, and whatever number he stopped on that was the cd we were going to watch. The movie chosen was “Son Como Niños 2.” No on had a clue what movie it was neither the teachers nor the driver who bought the cd. We started watching the movie it was so hilarious that we laughed like a hyena go crazy. It was so hilarious at the same time awkward too. After watching half an hour of the movie we realized that it was not for us. The Journey ended finally, you might think we got tired, but the truth we got even more exited. Just as I got down the bus I started running like a car with no brakes. We quickly went to our rooms, got dressed in our bathing suit and then splashed into the pool. That Journey was the most exiting journey I have been to, can’t wait to go again.
Grade X
Silver Oaks International School- Hyderabad


Is the first impression of a person always right?

Sometimes, the first impression can speak more truth through the person’s actions (or lack thereof) than words. Yet, the majority of the time, first impressions aren’t always accurate. … That picture you painted of this person in your mind may not have been spot on.
There are many factors that figure into a first impression. It is possible to meet someone for the first time when they are having a bad day, don’t feel well or are simply just very nervous. As well, some types of personalities need time to evaluate and warm up to others before feeling comfortable enough to really be themselves. First impressions, therefore, are often inaccurate reflections of an individual’s true character. There’s a saying that “All that glitters is not gold”.
The first impressions that we usually make of the of the people we meet is a result of their appearances, clothing, mannerism and content of a conversation and other such insignificant factors. Little do we ask ourselves if these few things are enough to decide upon whether or not the person is deceptive. One impression is not enough to judge a person, just the way one test is not enough to test the caliber of a student, one impression is simply too inadequate. You should not judge or paint his picture in our mind because—In conjunction with the first point, not everyone is a one-dimensional being who can be categorized into one specific category. Someone can be both witty and serious, just as he or she can be sassy and sensitive.
First impressions are supposed to be a glimpse into what someone is like, not a final call to who he or she truly is.
As fun as inhabiting the deductive role of Sherlock might be, keep in mind that even the most deceitful people out there (aka psychopaths and narcissists) have initially fooled people into thinking that they were charmer.
Sneha S
Grade X
Silver Oaks International School- Hyderabad


Do innovations really make us lazier?

When we think of Innovation the first thing we get in our mind is Technology. Technology does not make us lazy it’s us who choose to be lazy . Technology is improved so that it saves more time and gives us more information. Well in today’s world even a small child cannot live without technology so why question it ? Just need to know our needs and be satisfied.
Definitely it’s not making us lazy because our life is being easy with technology. Lets think about it, for example banks, in the past you had to walk to bank even the easiest issue , but today you can easily handle it with your phone , and you will save your time for another problems or,each and every topic has two sides so does this topic . we have talked about technology making us lazy so now lets see the other side of this topic. Humans were now beyond genius. We live in the time of technology as a medium of almost every single thing that we do. Technology is the making, modification, usage and knowledge of tools.
Technology is making things easier and are reducing the amount of work, that a human does to get a task done. A task that use to take three people, no only needs one person and a machine. This is why technology is making us more lazy, than before. With the advent of modern technology, massive amounts of information have become available to nearly everyone with an internet connection and a device capable of utilizing it.
Many new innovations in fields like medicine, computer science, and business (only to name a few) would be impossible or near-impossible to create without the rapid technological developments of the last century. Undoubtedly, technology has allowed for new solutions to challenging problems to be explored, and in this respect I believe that technology has made some people more intelligent.
But there is a caveat to this……..
This topic was mentioned to some degree in an article in The Atlantic (see bottom), that suggested that “the style of reading promoted by the Net, a style that puts ‘efficiency’ and ‘immediacy’ above all else, may be weakening our capacity for…deep reading”.
So fundamentally, while the quantity of information available to us has increased the quality of our processing likely has not.
As for laziness, a few inventions may support my contention:
(1) Elevators have removed most of the physical exercise involved in ascending or descending from one level of a building to another.
(2) Delivery take-out, while not a technological advancement in itself, is dependent upon the internet and the invention of the automobile, and it has certainly made ordering and receiving food a much more convenient (though relatively lazy) process.
(3) Television, of course, has provided enjoyment but has required less of people. Books, which have decreased noticeably in popularity, require more engagement, stimulate one’s creativity more, and are generally more satisfying (in my own opinion) than other forms of entertainment.
(4) The remote, allowing you to bridge that immense chasm between your couch and the television.
Sneha S
Grade X
Silver Oaks International School- Hyderabad



It’s cool to pool!!!! 
It’s cool to pool, the title itself is cool, isn’t it? But what is a pool? Is it the swimming pool? If you think it is the swimming pool you’re absolutely wrong. I am talking about car pooling. 
What is car pooling ? Have you heard of the phrase “Sharing is caring” ?? It’s all about sharing. It’s about sharing your car with people travelling to the same destination. Say for example, assume there are 4 people from the same community going to the same destination. How would they reach the destination? They would obviously take their own vehicles . Rather, if they all could jump into just one vehicle , that becomes car pooling !!! 
Let’s see the pros of car pooling:- 
• You can decrease the amount of pollution.
• You can save money and fuel.
• You get to meet people new people.
• If car pooling is practiced by everybody, then it can decrease a lot of traffic. So less traffic means less hazels.
• Less vehicles on the road lead to less road damages.
• Less road damages lead to less accidents.
• Women safety is increased when they travel as a group rather than driving alone.
Cons of Car Pooling: 
• Pooling can be done only if people’s time matches.
• People might be deprived of their privacy while travelling.
Well, that’s a lot more of pros than cons!! A minority of people are already following this. Yet, , don’t you think we should spread the awareness to the public so that more people would start practising it?  
This blog of mine is indeed a tiny contribution for spreading across this message to the people. 
Aryan V
Grade X
Silver Oaks International School- Hyderabad



What is there in a gadget that engrosses u sooooooo much
Now coming to the topic I think people understood about it am talking about the smart gadgets. As we know every person have different approach to things. My approach is I personally think that these smart gadgets are making our livers tougher and simple.
These is my line of thought they make it tougher as we or some or very minimal of us are gadget addicts we spend time on every unnecessary topic on the earth. We browse all unwanted waste which makes our lives complicated as we don’t think about our current status but actually think about the info that we just now browsed or watched. We also play games on ipad this is very distractive as if we play a game for half an hour again for us to concentrate on our studies it takes a minimum of another half an hour to come back. As all the graphics and animation still goes in our mind. This might sound like something but actually this is the truth. Now coming to the positive path I don’t have to mention many as we all are familiar with. This small piece of device is finding a path to every situation in oyr life if we have doubt we browse. If we want ot know anything we browse.
  So this is like a solution book to our doubts. This is an amazing platform to find solution.
So I want to conclude by saying that using this this gadget is not specifically only for our study purposes we can play and simultaneously learn. but not more playing should happen.
Grade X
Silver Oaks International School- Hyderabad


“Reading books is better than Watching TV”

Books had existed on this planet thousands of years before TV was invented. They are valuable and both have their own advantage. There is a reading, A man’s best friend is always a book. Even though you are alone at a place, a book makes you feel happy by giving a good ending. However people tend to favour TV more, but books are always the number one choice for learning and researching, especially if you are reading about a particular topic or subject. Even though reading takes a long time for researching, as we know books are the original databases that are always trustworthy. Even few of the sites in internet may have the information you are searching for, at times it may be fake or not.  

Furthermore, if you have a book, you read it and re-read it many times until you fully understand the book. However advanced technology does not enable you to do such things. Secondly, books can be taken everywhere, to relax. Scientists had found that reading books actually reduce your stress and will make you learn faster. It makes a better job than computer games for relaxation to your mind. By watching TV, the younger children tend to look more near to the screen and it may cause them by getting an eye power increasing or decreasing (eye sight).  

In conclusion, reading books is better than watching TV because it can help you remember information longer. And even on the other hand, watching TV helps us to gather information faster than reading a book. 
T Ritika
Grade X
Silver Oaks International School- Hyderabad


Is Fashion Important ????

Today my topic is about ” is fashion important?? “. It is actually quite interesting to know about this unique topic. In my perspective fashion can be important ,but not always.These days fashion have a great role in everyone’s life. But there are even few disadvantages of it.
Fashion is an individual statement of expression for each of us.Fashion and style is important. Your clothes make your fashion statement, and how you look. You can stand straight and carry yourself with grace by showing your decency. You will radiate self confidence. And for many years people have put some message in the way they dress. Clothing has become an integral part of self realisation of every person. This discipline and necessity brings a lot of variety into many lives of people and makes their image more complete. Fashion is probably the most important thing for today’s youth. Fashion these days have a huge impact as well. Fashion isn’t defined simply by our clothing choices, but is also conveyed through the way we carry ourselves, our personalities and our views of the world. And even in social life how you dress will help others determine your interest.
Fashion can inspire selfishness in people. People start thinking the benefit of their own. Fashion can make individuals away from satisfaction, like their desires go on increasing and can never be fulfilled completely. Being more fashionable, makes thinking shallow. People or that person starts making wrong decisions. And the last one I would like to mention is, it leads people away from spirituality.
And I would like to conclude saying that, fashion is a very important part of our life but it is in our hands whether we use it wisely and properly in our daily lives.
Thank You!!!
T Ritika
Grade X
Silver Oaks International School- Hyderabad


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