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Day 1:

Our Himalayan trek started with a afternoon flight to Delhi from Hyderabad. For sooner of the students it was their first flight trip. Nervous when the flight took off.seeing the city , roads, parks,buildings several 1000 ft down from the plane was an awesome sight. After a 2 hour long flight, we reached Delhi. Our excitement started building up.A bus was waiting for us to pick up to Naggar which is located between Kullu and Manali , 523 km from Delhi.
We all boarded the bus and settled down. We started playing Antakshari, started knowing others skills, knowing each other well. Soon we were moving away from the traffic of Delhi and were seeing all the cities and villages through Punjab and Haryana. We were about to fall asleep when we were stopped for dinner at Amabala about 4hours from Delhi.We had our dinner and got onto the bus and soon fell asleep. We woke up in the morning with the breathtaking view of river Beas and beautiful mountains, greenery was abundant as if it was Gods own world. Beas was flowing with unusual current, we passed through the narrow roads and were dropped to go by jeeps as bus could not go further.

Day 2:

We reached the base camp at Naggar around 3 pm and had lunch. We had paratha ,rajm ,Kadi for lunch and got fresh. We students and teachers had a small prep trek for a 13000ft trek starting next day. We saw different trees,flowers and herbs while trekking . We reached base camp after small trek, we were instructed by Padma mam on the facilities provided to us, trek,safety precaution and to be in warm jackets and monkey caps. She was our captain for the trek and did a wonderful job of taking care of students and the arrangements . She was so helpful to all the kids

Day 3:

Next day we were ready by 6 am to start for our trek .we all started trekking , taking pictures of the beautiful views and of course selfies though I am not fond of it. We trekked for 8 hours at a stretch to reach camp 1. All through we had guides showing the path .we climbed up the Himalayan mountains under the bushes,over the stones with temperature hovering around 7 degree. It was a windy,sunny, snowy day. We could see all 4 seasons in a day. We had our lunch and Josh bhaiya entertained us with games and gave instructions regarding the camp site stay, the first and foremost thing is “DO NOT USE PLASTIC “ and to keep the forest/ mountain area clean. We were the first batch of trekkers . We all got into our tents by which it was dark. Gossiping, having fun ….As it was growing dark, temperature was dropped further .we were in our thermals and jackets. We were hesitant to come out of our tents because of the cold weather. From 40 degree Celsius in Hyderabad , we were in 0 degrees in camp 1. We had our torch lights on dinner. Dinner was awesome with soup and Chinese.

Day 4:

Next day we started trekking up and down , crossing multiple mountains,capturing the wonderful views , eating the stuff our parents packed for us. We were entertained by our teachers . Radha mam sang so many beautiful songs for us. One of the beautiful songs which was very apt was “ yeh devdar ke vruksh”. Kids were getting tired with trek as many of them were first timers. Radha mam was inspiration for all of us. For the first time we saw Himalayan dogs one of which followed us from base camp. We named him “himu” as we found him in Himalayas. It was like he was protecting us. After a couple of hours of trek, we reached camp2 .Sonu bhaiya was our camp leader there. He sounded to be strict with instructions in typical military accent. “ khabardar, jo koi nani manega, seedha base camp Bhej dunga. Dekhlena, mein 2-3 logo ko already bhej chuka, dekh Lena”. He sounded strict but he took care of us so well, those who had mountain sickness , had nausea ,he made them sleep with him in the kitchen for warmth,he made us play games.he was a sweet person at heart. He takes care of camps during the trekking season for 2 months which is his hobby. Else he is a wonderful chef at star hotel in Delhi serving vips. He also gave hot batura chole in our tents after we had a hail storm. He entertained us with games in the evening. We had camp fire and sang songs . We had dinner and creeped into our sleeping bags. It was -4 degree Celsius , dog barking outside our tent. It was difficult to fall asleep as we had so much to talk with our friends as if there was no tomorrow.

Day 5:

We had to trek to chanderkhani top today .Here too we had to climb up and down the hills .Just as we formed the line and after our morning assembly which we did on all the days, it started raining, we took the raincoats from our trekking we carried through out and proceeded further. I admire Radha mam , at her age she ascended all the way to the top wearing a beautiful smile ,never ever showing tiredness. It was nail biting cold in the rain when we walked in the sledgy ,narrow paths. We bruised under the thorny bushes, climbed on high rocks helping and supporting each other.At last when we reached the Chanderkhani top around 1 am, we just had beautiful scenery on our minds with the breath taking views as our take away. We just wished to accommodate more with our eyes rather than the camera lens. It was a life time experience.For Radha mam, it was life time achievement award for ascending 13000ft at the age of 64. Age is just a number.Her determination made it all.We had the views of mules ascending with our luggage , hot Maggi ,chai in our path ways. We saw that we were walking in the clouds in the midst of mountains. With snow clad mountains around us and the even sized green Christmas like trees covered the mountains, it was like as we were in the dream land. We played and swayed in the ice mountain ,as it became cloudy expecting that it would rain. We started descending down. Just as we were reaching our camp2 , it started raining. We sneaked into our tents ,had hot chai,singing songs in the chill weather. What more solace one would want in this world. Before we ascended down the hill next day, our Prinicipal mam installed Devi (Himachal).we had our prayers by Radha,Shraddha,Jemimah and Tyyaba mam. Our principal mam was so nice to all of us especially totora kids who were home sick. We were just one big family from Hyderabad,Vizag,Bangalore with 98 of us.I had made so many friends during this trip , the bond will last forever.

Day 6:

We descended down the hill from camp 2 to camp1 which I assumed was a lot more easier than ascending. We had to walk side ways else your feet starts paining as our weight is on the front foot. We our welcomed to camp1 by Josh bhaiya , we our on time for lunch,Josh bhaiya organised zip line for us .After very late lunch, we enjoyed zip line as rain subsided. It was dinner time and we had some kids and teachers slipping as it was so slushy ,we had no control .Again we sneaked into our sleeping bags as usual.

Day 7:

We got up early , getting the view of fresh snow is a beholds the eye .we just captured everything in our memories , some with pics of the village folks,mountains, roses,bushes,apple trees,blue berries.they are all awesome sighting .This was again a long trek of 8 hours and a difficult one as the path was more slippery with snow and rain. We had late lunch and walked by to the nearby art museum which had the beautiful arts captured by Nicholas Roerich. He is a great Russian artist mesmerised by the beauty of the mountains had settled in Naggar. This was at the base camp.we rested and had a warm bath after 7 days of trekking.what a relief was it to the tired body. Our soul was just so happy with all positive energy from all angles of Himalayas.

Day 8:

We started from base camp to Manali, did street shopping for Kullu shawls, jewellery, kesar, Kashmiri work on clothes, started for Delhi at 4pm ,had dinner at mandar and we reached Delhi early next day . We stayed at carol Bhag which is shopping hub. We did heartful shopping at carol bhag for my parents and my little brother before boarding the flight back to Delhi at 8pm which got delayed. We were recollecting our experience seeing the pics at the airport.We returned Hyderabad midnight after delay in the flight and our parents were waiting for us to pick up after a week’s stay away from them. It was indeed nice to reunite with family ,but with abundance of stories,experience and learning life skills which is important as grow up to responsible citizens of the country.

Grade IX
Silver Oaks International School- Hyderabad


My Himalayan Trekking Experience

We started our trek on the 28th of April. We took a fight to Delhi and reached there in the evening. We travelled to Kulu in the bus overnight. We reached Kulu on 29th in the morning. We had our breakfast in a small local dhaba and continued our journey. Then we reached our base camp and we sat in our allotted rooms and unpacked our suitcases and packed our rugsacks.
We started for our trek early in the morning on 30th, we had reached our camp somewhere around afternoon and we freshened up and had our lunch. To entertain ourselves we all played games. The games we played were for helping us understand better about trekking and mountains. Then at nighttime we had a bonfire as it was chilling over there. We all had steaming soups in our mugs and we all were enjoying the warmth of the fire.
On 1st of May, we trekked to our camp 2. We reached there by the afternoon and we took some rest and then we all had our lunch. While we played fun games, we couldn’t keep track of time. It was dinner time and we all were very hungry, so everyone ran and got their plates and pounced on the food. We then sat near the bonfire and talked and ate our dinner. It was snowy there.
On 2nd of May, we climbed the top of Chandrakhani. We were so excited to see the snow. We all played in the snow and we took pictures. On the same day we trekked back to camp 2. We ate our lunch and then we had to stay in our tents as it started to rain and eventually snow.
On 3rd of May we returned to camp 1. We had fun activities,talks, pictures and fun. In the camp, our lunch was delayed due to the snowfall. We sat in our tents and shared many things with each other. Me and two of my friends were interviewed about our experience as we have been going to the Trek for the past 2 years.
On 4th of May, we trekked back to the Basecamp and we charged our phones, unpacked our rugsacks and packed our suitcases. We had our lunch and we took rest.
On 5th we went to Manali via car and we did a lot of shoppers stop, ate ice creams and maggi. Then we travelled back to Delhi overnight via bus the same day. We reached Delhi on 6th morning and we reached our hotel, freshened up and got ready for shopping. We went to Karol Bagh and shopped a lot of things. We then went back to the hotel and changed and freshened up and left for the airport. We ate our lunch and dinner in the airport. We boarded our flights and flew back to Hyderabad.  

Excluding these, I liked many more things. I made new friends, I learnt survival skills and learnt being independent. 
I hope to go there once again next year. 
Grade IX
Silver Oaks International School- Hyderabad

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