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Suhas Bittu

suhas-bittuIt is my privilege to tell that I was the part of the greatest institution that I have ever known. My childhood, adolescence and high school days are unusually important. If there has ever been a time that I developed a uniqueness and sense of humour and the ability to organize, it was then. The bits I most remember about my school days are those that took place outside the classroom, as we were taken on countless night camps and trips to places of interest, the places Leela Bala ma’am taken us to teach Sanskrit and there I had fun and studies with my buddies. The person who inspired me to learn Hindi was Jayapradha ma’am and now it is my honour to say that I was student of the greatest faculty I have ever known. And today I am pursuing mechanical engineering degree from one of the top institute in Telangana state that is Vasavi College of Engineering and soon I wish to deliver my first speech as a civil servant in this beautiful institute.

Snigdha Vittaldev

suhas-bittu“This is going to be a hard change” that was the first thing that crossed my mind when I first joined Silver oaks. That was the kind of person I was, very resistant to change and I was never ready to accept anything new. Little did I know that today, 3 years later I would be a confident girl ready to take up new challenges and pursue a general as well as a professional degree in Marketing Management and Corporate Secretaryship. My school, Silver oaks has thought me to become this confident and proactive person. I’ve had such a memorable 3 years starting from Debates to Anchoring, Organizing TEDx talks, taking part in multiple events, respecting our fellow country and contributing to the Rural Development Foundation. We share a very friendly relationship with our faculty who are always there to help and support. I would like to thank my Principal Ma’am Mrs. Seetha Murthy and the Director Sir Mr. Dhanunjaya for providing me this wonderful opportunity to experience so much and learn how to live life the lean way!

Raeesah Tasleem

Raeesah-TasleemYou know it’s really hard to forget the fact that I’ve grown up so quickly…that I even passed out of a place which I wasn’t at all ready to leave, though I’ve been a part of this amazing team for 9 years. And you can imagine how strong and powerful my bond would be with my school. When someone asks me which school? I reply them so fast that I don’t even let them finish their question. Because that’s the crazy love I have for my family!
I’ve always been telling this…The exposure that Silver Oaks has given me I bet no other school would have done that. I barely knew that I could sing until I joined the choir group. Who knew I could paint? Or dance? My journey totally started here! They really care and try hard to make sure that every acorn excels in every available opportunity. It was like a Silver land. Every day was a new journey or an adventure to explore. My Teachers, My friends and all the Silverians were very supportive and encouraging.
I would say I’m really lucky to be a part of this wonderful Silver Oaks family and can proudly say that I’ve survived as a Silverian for 9 spectacularly amazing and unforgettable years.

Pranathi Reddy

Pranithi-ReddySILVER OAKS I can proudly say that I am the member of Silver Oaks alumni and the memories about the school day1 I was in a different place, very tensed and a mixed feeling but later I realized everybody are like my family…that’s the main reason I try to attend every alumni meet .The reason behind what I am today as a upcoming doctor is what I gained during my schooling as the acorn of Silver Oaks. The confidence I got from TIE program, the knowledge with a student friendly environment, using material things wisely from ‘live life the lean way’…I guess the list goes on… Finally I am always thankful to each and every person in my Silver Oaks family

Ankitha Chalasani

Ankitha-ChalasaniI am Ankita, To begin with my experience with this school. It is not new if I say ‘those were the best days, I will miss them royally” or anything of that sort. My association with this school has been different for a short and sweet period of two years where I happen to qualify the two most crucial hurdles of my life that is my 11th and 12th standards which apparently is responsible enough to shape my probable future. I was here surely with an intention and courage which this school has boosted me up to the most possible extent to hound for my goals and I am grateful for that. It seems to me like yesterday when I came into this school as a new comer in my 11th grade and made loads of friends in no time. We shared different, backgrounds and thoughts which lead to uncountable memories and reverences which still amuses me. Talking of ted X we organized, it was an opportunity to get priceless exposure and experience which raised our confidence to infinity. To count on working together with unity, I only look back to the leadership qualities we showed in being the proud editors of our then most happening school magazine – THE MILESTONE. It owes my writing skills and all the things I learnt.
Moving on to my 12th standard, It was all a matter of support which immensely got from my teachers. As we all know that is the beginning of professionalism and diplomacy and I experienced what it takes to be a grown up. Most importantly it is the result of the fruitful efforts of this school that I could overcome my fear of math which let me promise you was unbeatable. Everything so far became simple and easy with the guidance of our dynamic teachers. Also the fact that they guided us till the end and also promised to do so in any point of our life. I am grateful and obliged in accordance with the support I got from the school. I can now yell and say I achieved the purpose of joining here and I am very proud to be a part of this school. Thank you very much!

Phanindra Goberu

Phanindra-GoberuOne of the best things which happened in my life was my schooling in silver oaks. Thanks mom !! On the first day of my school I was scared, nervous, confused and of course I was shy….then 2 to 3 days passed I made new friends, who were caring, friendly, super cool, awesome and the teachers uffuu ..I never expected them to be sweet, understanding, knowledgeable, friendly.. they knew how to get their things done by us. Few days passed on and I started feeling good about my school. they think character is more important for a person than getting good grades. As the days passed I got to know new things. By the end of my first year I almost got to know the whole school right from the teachers to cleaners. By second year I was not the same old phani who was shy, scared….now I am confident, brave, fearless, socialized, updated and well mannered. I almost had friends in every corner of the school. I grew into a matured person and learnt a lot from my school. Social and ethical values which helped me in grooming myself into a practical man. The fun we had at our excursions were craziest. I thank principal ma’am and director sir for sending us for extracurricular activities and always supporting and encouraging us to do something more than our regular basis. they always motivated us by their inspirational speeches. I am for sure miss my school days in silver oaks and am always thankful to my teachers and friends, juniors, seniors who taught me lot of things.

Abhishek Vankamamidi

Abhishek-VankamamidiSilver oaks the school of Hyderabad has given and made a lot of talented students just like me. When I was here I was dazzled with everyone talking in English, and me on the other corner, a English medium school going student till Tenth still dint have the courage to speak up in English or at-least communicate in English. Silver oaks is an environment where in you are opened up to fullest and let yourself be the way you want yourself to be. The school has taught me many values in life and till date I follow all these values that the school has taught me. Parents always want their kids to study in a school where in they were known and also were made leaders. My parents were proud of me when I passed out from the school especially my mother. Silver Oaks is temple of learning, a temple of growing into world class leader, a temple of being the best individual on the planet.


Vamshi-KrishnaA 2013 Class-12 graduate (2011, Class-10) of Silver Oaks – The School of Hyderabad.
I am now pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering (BTech-Aero) from International Institute for Aerospace Engineering and Management (IIAEM) – Jain University, Bangalore, thanks to my CBSE class-12 performance. As a student here, I always dreamed of becoming a successful human being by joining the Air Force with my passionate interest in aircrafts and space crafts. I had been a consistent topper of any grade since joining Silver Oaks in 2007 and had been a meritorious participant in co-scholastic fields too. I was awarded the BalaRatna for my outstanding all-round accomplishments. With a strong belief in “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, I am an active member of the school’s adventure team. I hail Silver Oaks as the key point in my lifetime, nobly thanking my Principal, Director and the entire team. As I follow my interests into a professional career, I also back my various abilities and skills throughout. Reminiscing my fond memories associated with the school, I say “Silver Oaks was like a home for me. I still cherish many moments of my schooling days. I vividly remember my classes, papers, exams, games, events and the fun we had. And the friends I made going through my schooling are always close friends of mine. I note that my Grade-7 to Grade-12 here “provided a very solid foundation for me, with commendable efforts of all my teachers and my parents. The tools and techniques, the attitudes and attributes that I learnt from here have been invaluable. As an alumnus, with my head held high and with my mind without fear, I say, I am always a part of the Silver Oaks family.”


YohithPresently studying: Computer Science and Engineering at Malla Reddy College of Engineering and Technology.
Future plan: To be an entrepreneur and start a company of my own.
Views about school:
Silver Oaks is the right place for the grooming of a young kid into an young adult, with right values of education and greater scope of knowledge and higher chance of being a leader for the better society.

Vaishali O.G.A, Ex-Head girl.

VaishaliGolden days…
3 years spent in the sprawling campus of Silver Oaks were truly the golden days. From being the Head girl of the school to winning various elocution competitions at inter school level my school days were overflowed with magical moments. The field trips and debate competitions inculcated the spirit of creative thinking.
The school always emphasizes on all round development like dramatics, elocution, sports. The hour-long games period was great bonding session for students.
I am now in one of the finest engineering college, thanks to my Alma meter. But the transition has been no cake walk. I certainly miss those golden days spent at silver oaks.


AbhinayaIn my days at silver oaks ,
I have learnt to socialize with different people
Behave cooperatively with others
Help others and learn to give or do something good , to the society and the people who seek help
All in all I have learnt to be a better human being .
My future plan is to pursue education in the field of life sciences.

K. Soma Sekher Sahith

soma-sekherstudying now in gokuraju rangaraju college of engineering
was in silver oaks from 2004-2010
Silver Oaks is the best school.
I have been to 2 other school’s before it but didn’t like them much….
loved the life in Silver Oaks…
learnt many valuable things for life…:)
feeling proud to be a acorn of Silver Oaks..

Bhavana Damineni

Bhavana-DamineniPresently I am pursuing my engineering 3rd year in Electronics and Communication branch at Institute Of Aeronautical Engineering college, Hyderabad. Silver Oaks is very special for me and my school days are the best. Here at Silver Oaks I learned things by experiencing them. Contesting in student council elections , canvassing, and getting elected as Prefect boosted up my leadership qualities. Celebrating Ramleela and Valentines Day at school taught me the true interpretation of festivals. Night camps were one of the best events at school where I realized that freedom and enjoyment comes with responsibilities, when we are ready to accept and tackle our own responsibilities it means that we are in a state of utilizing our freedom in a right path. Planting a sampling on our birthdays and taking a resolution on every New Year made me more sensible and responsible. Apart from educational qualifications participating in annual operas, being a part of choir group, taking part in various competitions boosted up my morale. My sincere thanks to our respected director, principal and all the facilitators for making our school life so wonderful and grooming us into better human beings. I miss my schooling days and I truly feel so

- Bhavana Damineni, Alumni 2009 The first CBSE batch


AshwithaCurrently Iam in Sr. Inter in Chitanya Junior College
Positive Thinking and Leadership Qualities What I imbibed from my school. Caring and Respect for everyone and everything are my core Values.
I Participated in inter- intra school competitions and added feathers in my cap which really brought in me lot of strength.
I am awarded as a best Athlete and won many medals.
I was announced as a good Basket Ball player.
Finally I would like to thank my School for imbibing Gandhian values, Leadership traits, Coveys 7 habits and positive culture in me

- ASHWITHA, Alumni 2011

Sesha sai.k

STEP UP to the bigger world
sesha-sai.kThe picture of who you are...What you are...The morals you with hold...The character you develop...Trace their roots to the foundation you had which is obviously laid in school!!
I am sesha sai.k, one of the old students of silver oaks. I belong to the batch 2011 and then I joined in Sri Chaitanya bipc and right now I am pursuing Medicine in Apollo institute of medical sciences.
School is a replica of a mini society and once you are done with it we enter into a slightly big world and then into a bigger one and finally into the biggest and the ultimate. Personally, it wasn’t quite easy to adjust to the changes after school. But as an acorn of silver oaks I learnt, while you must be open to change, do not compromise on your values and you must open the windows of your mind, but you must not be swept off your feet by the breeze, you must define what your core values are and what you stand for. And these values are not so difficult to define. Values like honesty, integrity, consideration and humility have survived for generations. With the seven habits of highly effective people I was able to step into the next stage of life with flying colors. We were taught to measure twice and cut once when taking tough decisions in life or answering the questions in an exam. The interactions we have had with remarkable people have shown us that life is a marathon and not a mere race. We were told that the darkest hour of the day comes just before the dawn and that had helped us when we were to tread the perilous path. Kudos to the team of silver oaks for helping me with the first achievement in my life. I will continue to groom as a young citizen to live for a purpose, learn to apply, lead with determination and leave a timeless legacy.

- Sesha sai.k, Batch of 2010-2011

Dinesh Yadav B

Dinesh-YadavExperience at school: I was in Silver Oaks for 9 years, and everyday was memorable. I was in State board till my 10th grade and then shifted to CBSE for my senior secondary in same school. Reflecting on my past I now realize that continuing with silver oaks was one of the best decision I have ever made.
Having participated in, A day with a leader programme and whistle blowers club held within silver oaks further helped shape my personality.
India has seen stereo types in professional career choices in the fields of engineering , medicine and law. However I was privileged to be trained under Mrs.Seetha Murty who provided me enough courage to go against the normal and venture into a new educational field such as Liberal education which I am currently a student of .
Current Education :
Diploma in FLAME School of Liberal Education
Degree in FLAME School of Communication, Majors In Marketing and Advertising
Sport: Horse Riding (show jumping)
Interned at Magic Bus Organisation.

- Dinesh Yadav B, Alumni 2012


PrabhathIs this me? Have I just been asked to write something about my school days? Has it been so long that I get to talk about my school as something of the past? When I sit to write this note down, a flood of memories overtakes me. I distinctly remember turning up late for a class and contemplating over an passable excuse. And all those jokes we cracked, exams we flunked, and times we shared….it feels like I have been there just yesterday.
Thinking about it, it must have been a while ago since I am pursuing my Engineering degree and am into my third semester at Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Technology. Silver Oaks has always been close to my heart. A strong reason why I am what I am today is because I got to experience the perfect way of being taught. Freedom is said to infuse unruliness, but that’s been proven wrong in my case. The willingness to offer a student his freedom to identify his dreams and the chance to achieve them is what makes my school stand out.
How many students all over India, get a chance to spend a full day with a leader and learn things hands-on? How many of them are ever given a chance to understand what makes a leader? I have been given that chance and I am proud in telling you that only MY SCHOOL does this. Things like attitudes and values, which sound complex and were confined to a few moral science books were broken down to simple actions.
Now, I would go on and on if given a chance. But the whole point of it would be that this very school has been the backbone of my own values and principles. And I am sure that the things I have learnt here would be of tremendous help in me joining the defense forces or for any further steps that I plan to take. Even my participation and inquisitiveness about current trends in technological advances through the IEEE branch of our college has been due to the focus on being an inquirer at school.
This acorn has definitely been shown the right path to being a mighty Oak.

- Prabhath


DavalikaI have joined silver oaks in my 6th.. this made a huge difference in my life. Through my schooling I have revolutionized my ideas and my personality. I transformed into a mature confident girl managing both studies and extra curricular activities. I tried my best to participate in all the events conducted by the school. . I believe that silver oaks has definitely provided all of us a platform to achieve our goals and heads held high. Every moment in silver oaks has helped me to transform myself.

- Davalika

Ishaani sharma

ishaani-sharmaSilver Oaks has been a turning point in my life. It changed the way I saw the world around me and of course, myself. Presently I am a student of mass communication and journalism at St. Marys college Hyderabad and I would have never known that this is what I want to do in life had Silver Oaks not happened to me.
After moving to about eight different cities around India and changing ten schools,I came to Hyderabad and joined, as we call it, the team@silveroaks in tenth grade, barely expecting the change it brought about my life.
While the main focus in most schools are grades, at Silver Oaks its learning and all around development of the student. Co-curricular activities are made a part of the learning system. That made Silver Oaks a haven for a student like me. From being a speaker at a TED event organized at our school to inter school debates,model united nations, declamations and anchoring various events at and outside school, thanks to school. The school always encouraged me and my talent. Thanks to one such event, I also got a certificate of recognition form The Times of India for my public speaking skills and it was things like these helped me find my calling.
Looking back at my Silver Oaks days, I realize it is because of school that I am a confident and responsible young person today, who knows the right from wrong and knows it is important to put first things first.
I aspire to be a fashion or lifestyle journalist someday and do something big, less for my sake and more for every single soul at silver oaks who has always believed in me and supported me to help me realize my true potential.

- Ishaani sharma, Alumni 2012

Seetharam Vallabhaneni

Seetharam-VallabhaneniCurrently a Sophomore AIADO Student at School of the Art Institute Chicago
I have spent 6 years in Silver Oaks. I was also a part of the first Senior Secondary batch of Silver Oaks. It was a wonderful couple of years, partly because the school was finding its feet at that time and things were gloriously unstructured. I very much felt like part of the adventure that the teachers had undertaken. The relationships that I built with my classmates and my teachers were and are among the most special in my life.
Silver Oaks for me is much more than just another school. It was a group of people who wanted to help each other out and learn as much as they can and wanted to give back something to the society of they are a part of. We as students were always encouraged by our teachers to look beyond the regular and common and concentrate on the larger picture, to think about what no one else has thought about is the driving point in the classroom. We were a community a vibrant one at that, who always looked to break away from the norms of the society and doing so gave us, teachers and students alike, a chance to see the world from a different perspective and a chance to explore together some of the most compelling questions that arise in life in a positive environment. I never gave it much thought at that time, but now it seems like an incredible gift for students.
For many a school just facilitates you for a good score in examinations and good prospering career at best. For me, Silver Oaks provided me with valuable exposure to the endless possibilities in the world, and the confidence to explore them and also to overcome the doubts that arose in me about what I am doing with my life doing something radically different in my society and to keep moving forward, Silver Oaks gave me the ability to introspect and showed me the importance of having a dialogue with myself to motivate me further. The education at SIlver Oaks was as much about your character as it was about academics, values and ethics were a major part of the school philosophy and they were something we took really seriously. Silver Oaks forced me to open my eyes to the numerous things that are overlooked in the regular monotony of life and to pause for a bit and give a thought to those minuscule things that might make a difference tomorrow we were always told – Small is Big. These are things I shall always carry with me unconsciously or consciously.

Shweta Reddy

Shweta As of now studying BA.LLB in Jindal Global Law School.
Silver Oaks gave me the freedom to think and solve problems on my own with occasional help from faculty.
I studied for 8 years in this magnificent school which made sure that I had an overall holistic as well as academic development.